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Carol M. McKinley

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 :::

Sorry for the hiatus....

....was working on the Catholic Charities mess...

...for instance...

Here's an email that went out to Hehir, the press and the Roman Catholic community here in Boston this morning:

Fr. Hehir,

I would like to speak to you at your earliest convenience (phone # 781-293-3418) to encourage you, once again, to disinvite the proabort Mayor.

In the event that you do not disinvite the Mayor - please be informed of the following:

Many of our community leaders have issued statements regarding the dishonorable practice of "honoring" proaborts and progay marriage leaders. I'm spending the next several days contacting the K of C - both national and local, the Holy Name Society, Knights of Malta, Holy Sepulchre, (etc), Mass Citizens for Life, and every prolife group that has worked to sustain the Deposit of Faith in the last five years with us.

We're going to be pushing for "zero attendance" in our prolife community. Specifically - we will be giving the details on the conduct of the proaborts - how they have raised an army against us in our parishes, in our communities, in our families. We'll be explaining how they have threatened litigation, mischaracterize the Catechism as "hateful", how they have incited rage against us, their determination to file "hate crimes" legislation so that our priests will have the threat of arrest over their heads when teaching the Catechism (as is being done in other countries) - - and telling them that not a single prolifer should attend your event.

We will also be giving them a list of other initiatives to redirect their contributions for our poor.
In the event that that prolifers cross the picket line we intend to have in front of the Boston Harbor Hotel on December 9th - their names will be published on the web - and their initiatives also boycotted.

Please give me an opportunity to persuade you to raise your white flag and retreat.

Carol McKinley

The above was a followup email which went out a few days ago to the same group:

-----Original Message-----
From: Cmmckinley
Cc: Press, Roman Catholic prolifers
Subject: Catholic Charities December 9th event

IHS on the Feast of Christ the King

Rev Hehir,

While your people are out demonstrating today for the battle for the soul of the Church in front of the Holy Cross Cathedral, I am writing to you in my efforts in the "spirit" of the "battle", from the opposing side of the people who have been spiritually guiding and counseling.

I am cc'ing Mr. Grogan - whose quote today in the newspaper ( )mischaracterizes my attempts to enforce the Catholic Charities "arm" of the Archbishop of Boston to adhere to the tenets of our religion while the name "Catholic" remains on the initiative, and while you use the symbol of the Roman Catholic Crucifix in your crusades.

I will also be forwarding this to our prolife network, to the Archbishop himself - as well as the other three Bishops in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I am hereby making the formal request that you withdraw Mayor Menino as your "honoree" at your fundraising event - and replace him with an honoree who has not interfered with parental discernment on "what teachings" of the RCC may be rejected.

Such "honors" have intensified our inability to persuade our own children that the discernment of the people being honored (and at other times appointed to leadership roles) by you and the Archbishop is detrimental to their salvation. In other words, Father Hehir, when you hold up this individual in a position to (or of) honor - our children say "See, even the Archbishop thinks Mayor Menino is "right" about abortion/gay marriage/birth control/sexual immorality" - and then - our children listen to the counsel of the people you honor on those subject matters, instead of mothers and fathers who are reading them the Catechism. They are fodder for spiritual and material predators.

We have "zero tolerance" for any more of this system of discrediting the truth with the "dialogue" of dissenters - with the appointments and honors of proaborts - because our children's souls are the objectives of the battle for souls.

I have made it abundantly clear to the reporter - and to our Roman Catholic donors and philanthropists - that in no way do I wish to see the the poor impacted by our boycott of the Christmas fundraiser and request that they halt their donations to Catholic Charities. There are many other social service agencies that serve our poor and do not use the word "Catholic" to uphold their actions and words that scandalize our religion.

Take the Name of Christ's Church off your initiative or review your initiative and reorganize it to adhere to religion whose name you borrow to operate and we will have no further objections. Otherwise, we will continue contact your donors and help them to understand the only way to protect our children and the deposit of faith is by redirecting the money from your operation. I suspect after a hundred thousand or two - you'll come around to agreeing to the Catechism and Canon Law. Please forgive my forthright statement that after experiencing the last two years of Chancery administration - I hold no hope at all that your actions are driven based upon the salvation of the souls entrusted to the care of the Archdiocese of Boston. It appears the money is your oxygen and it needs to cut off or the people in front of the Holy Cross today trying to replace the authentic Roman Catholic Church with Walter Cuenin's internal schism will be the victor of souls.

The Archbishop's withdrawal from this event is not an acceptable remedy. The continued "honor" gives us no traction on "what is truth" in our homes for our children. If the event continues with the proabort, progay marriage Mayor as honoree - I will use the evidence to continue our 6-12 month strategy of getting donors to redirect their contributions for our poor.

Please accept this letter in the "vibrant" charity which it is conveyed: a Roman Catholic mother who intends to uphold the covenant I made on the day my children were baptized into the Roman Catholic Church.

In Christ,

Carol McKinley

We found out yesterday afternoon that the Archbishop had informed Catholic Charities that he would not attend the event and told them the reasons why.

The Archbishop's withdrawal hit the press early this morning...hence, my email to Chairman Hehir.

Meanwhile - this story contains part of the statement the Bishop released:

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese confirmed the news with CNA this morning, and an article is slated to appear in the Archdiocese’s Pilot newspaper later today.

In a statement dated November 22nd, Catholic Charities announced that “In light of the mayor’s past statements concerning abortion and same-sex marriage policies, the archbishop regrets that he cannot attend the dinner.”

“In doing this”, they added, “he acts in accord with the U.S. Catholic Bishops’ policy regarding public officials who are in conflict with Catholic teaching on specific issues, a policy formulated at plenary session of the Bishops’ conference in June of 2004.”

Bravo -

Congratulations to all those who helped in this effort - Deal, bloggers, CJ Doyle, prolifers - - great teamwork.

“Catholic Charities”, they said, “firmly supports Catholic teaching concerning these matters. We differ with the mayor on both of these issues, even as we recognize his contributions to those we seek to serve each day in our city.”

In other words - as long as somebody works for the soup kitchen - Bryan Hehir will look the other way to the politican's support and endorsement of murders he contributes to each day in our city.

Here's this evening's response that went out:

Fr. Hehir:

I am fascinated with your quote:

“Catholic Charities”, they said, “firmly supports Catholic teaching concerning these matters. We differ with the mayor on both of these issues, even as we recognize his contributions to those we seek to serve each day in our city.”

If Menino stood in the public square and marched with a pro-wifebeaters group - would you proceed to honor him at your party while issuing a statement saying you differ with him on the issue?

Conduct extraneous to feeding people in the soup kitchens is material to whether we honor them or we don't, isn't it.

This is about a man who supports the murders of innocent children each day in our city, a man who is working with the internal schism to eradicate a religion that confesses and repents of transgressions against the Catechism, and telling homosexuals that Roman Catnholics "hate" them.

It's unacceptable for you to look the other way at his other day to day contributions down at Planned Parenthood in statement saying you have a little difference of opinion. Not after the last five years we've spent in the trenches.

I'd like to have a vibrant conversation about why the prolife community is going to insist that you disinvite the man - and find somebody else to "honor".

Please call me at your earliest convenience at 781-293-3418.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol McKinley

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