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Saturday, November 26, 2005 :::

Remember Wertin of St. Joan of Arc in St. Paul?

He and some woman who teaches at Flynn's seminary weigh in on the Vatican document.

"My impression is that this is not any different from what we have been practicing here," said Sister Katarina Schuth, a professor of pastoral theology and national consultant on seminary education at the St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul.

"It's a bit vague, a bit open to interpretation, so it's hard to say for sure how it might be enforced," she said. "But it appears to describe what most seminaries now do -- really just a restatement of the 1961 prohibition against ordaining sexually active gay men."

If I had my druthers - I'd rather see prohibition on ordinations of priests who doctrinally dissent. If he protests the teachings, doesn't have a devotion to the Sacrament of Confession, doesn't sit in Adoration, doesn't show up for Benediction, doesn't venerate the Blessed Mother - then he is not a candidate for the Sacrament of Ordination.

Every year, priests continue to be ordained and lo and behold - when they arrive at the parish - they denounce the teachings of the Church, silence, bully and persecute families who are loyal to the authentic church. Soon start to hear confusion being taught regarding sin and virtue.

We are giving them a loophole they can all climb through if they want to.

Lets face it--we have a priest who has posted paintings which portray a disturbing fixation with naked men, who encourages sexual immorality - and nobody at the Chancery seems to get the danger.

I'm not confident that if a seminarian had a fixation on painting naked men - including one with his hand on his genitals, that they wouldn't see the danger of the thoughts that are spinning in the mans head.

Let me rephrase that...I'm confident with Fr. Farren there - I'm not confident at Pope John's because I see the Rector spinning out dissenters every year and pretending there is not a connection to the sexual and moral dissent he discussed while at the seminary.

Let's face it - if you have a priest who is an advocate of contraception, abortion, fornication outside the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony - putting him in charge of what gets defended by the Mass Catholic Conference up at the State House..and the consequences of seeing emergency contraception go undefended and pass without objection from the Roman Catholic Church when they know that Mary pharmacist is going to be forced to choose between her job and giving out pills that murder the unborn - - you have to know there is a connection.

The "enforcement" is going to happen when we rise to silence it - as we're doing with Hehir.

How the new policy might be interpreted worries one Minneapolis priest. The Rev. George Wertin said the document might be seen by gay and lesbian Catholics as a message that they are not welcome in the church, or that it might cool efforts by parishes to be more inclusive and accepting.

"It shouldn't have that impact, but I worry some that it might," said Wertin, recently retired from St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis. His parish has been active in supporting gays and lesbians and ran afoul of Archbishop Harry Flynn for posting Gay Pride photos on its website.

Wertin is gonzo - but that's not exactly what happened. AB Flynn ran afoul of the people who were chasing him to do something about Wertin. Flynn didn't do it on his own. Wertin raised his white flag and retired.

"We" are the enforcers.

Flynn will have no public comment about the Vatican document until the document is released publicly next week, said spokesman Dennis McGrath.

"But I can tell you, it appears to be pretty much status quo," McGrath said. "For this archdiocese, it appears to call for the same care and diligence that we have always exercised."

..That's what's scary.

If you cruise on over to the St. Joan of Arc website - the pastor they put in to replace Wertin is just another version of the apostacy.

We're going to have pony up.

In each diocese, somebody is going to be the victor. I don't have a prediction for Boston. Every time I think the Deposit of Faith is going to handed to the dogs - there's a counter insurgency that gives us some back some territory.

We're head-to-head on the frontlines.....and it could be that the Archbishop has crossed over to our stay tuned!

With Cuenin gone, the battle for 'what is truth' has moved onto the front lawn of Chairman Hehir and Catholic Charities.

Take your vitamins kiddos.

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