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Friday, November 04, 2005 :::

Lots to blog - but no time....

I had to...just had to link this story.

Top Catholic officials in Massachusetts are convening a special committee to review whether certain policies, which allow its social services agencies to handle adoptions by same-sex couples, can continue, given the church's teachings that call such placements ''gravely immoral."

Listen - I think we have to state in a positive way - that is swell that somebody up there at the Digs has come to the conclusion that there is a problem.


But..convening a "committee"?

We don't need no stinkin' committee.

You pick up the phone, you dial the number - and you say "I have placed in the mail today a directive as the Archbishop of Boston that Catholic Charities no longer place children, in the homes of illicit and scandalous relationships. Further, at risk children, handicapped children, hard to place children - prior to any placement by Catholic Charities will require personal review by the Archbishop of Boston. All information about the adoptive parents and the child are to be forwarded to my office for my approval for the time being. Lastly, all personell are to refrain from making public statements regarding personal ideology that conflicts with the Catechism. Anyone who has done so (you know who you are) - please call my office and schedule an appointment as you will be required to issue a press release straightening out the scandalous statements."

The end.

Let's cut the baloney here.

There's one little detail Chairman Hehir left off his statistics on placing children from Catholic Charities...

He left off the statistics on "how many" children he is placing into the homes of "single" lesbians, homosexuals.

According to my sources - his personal response to the inquiry - - was that he doesn't distinguish what kind of sexual philosophies "single" parents subscribe to when placing children.

You heard me.

The good news is, the stinkeroo everyone is making has caused an action item.

"Who" is on the Committee will be interesting.

"What" their prior history of fidelity is, will be the question.

Will they pretend that their record of dissent on the matter is immaterial?

All very interesting~!

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