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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 :::

Let's mosey on over and see what the Bishops are up to in D.C., shall we?

The families of two men who authorities said were likely killed by a Roman Catholic priest in Hudson, Wis., urged the nation's bishops to adopt changes aimed at weeding out troubled priests.

Now, why on earth would they do that, when they can teach children where to kick - and the "proper name" of the body part for testifying?

They also "set the rules for lay *ministers*"

Faced with a serious and continuing decline in the number of Roman Catholic priests, the nation's bishops are acting on new guidelines for more than 30,000 lay employees who help fill the gap.

Isn't that the same number as "Voice of the Faithful"?

That's no coinkydink...I'll tell you that right now. Those 30,000 have been lined up for decades mischaracterizing our faith to our children to snuff out any hint of vocation in male children.

Here's the Reader's Digest version of their discussion over the Sacred Liturgy:

Monday's deliberations showed a split among bishops over drafts for a revision of the 1970 English Mass, which was translated after the Second Vatican Council had eliminated mandatory Latin worship.

A summer survey of 107 bishops showed 52 percent considered the new translations excellent or good, versus 47 percent who called them only fair or poor. That could spell trouble since the final text needs two-thirds approval.

The survey included hundreds of harsh comments from bishops ("often garbles," "ponderous and often turgid," "awkward"). Some want a Mass that sticks close to the Latin, others favor more idiomatic English and many fear that changes will perturb lay parishioners at a time when Mass attendance is already declining.

"I'm not quite sure where this whole thing is going to go," said Chicago's Cardinal Francis George, who represents the U.S. hierarchy on the international translation panel.

I smell more Liturgical chaos.

I'll have to dig out Fr. Wilson's tomato's always a good way for us to end the week.

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