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Sunday, November 06, 2005 :::

Joan Venocchi, the schismatics and the money

I LOVE this quote:

Finally, some politicians are showing spine. They are standing up for churchgoers instead of the church


The idiots don't even know that's how the whole Catholic Church started?

You know what's fascinating?

This is where the Bishops pretense regarding the benefits of "dialogue" show their deception.

There's no publicity stunts where the spokesperson articulates that Marian Walsh loves the Church, she wants to help and they encourage groups to listen to her dialogue.

They know what would happen to the rooms full of listeners.

We're not going to see a meeting up at the Chancery where everyone comes out smiling and a statement goes out saying there's nothing divisive about what Marian Walsh has to say, are we.

Makes the whole dog and pony show look disingenuous.

What was it the Archbishop said recently?

Oh yeah...

''Everybody is a Catholic who wants to be on board and wants to help the church," he said. ''There is no blacklist here. I don't know who signed what document, and I don't care. That is history. Every day we are called to conversion, to renewal, to support the mission of the church, and if people love their church and want to support it, they should come forward and do so."

The warnings which they failed to heed from those of us who told them that the people would end up confused by their silly assed statements has finally borne it's fruit... where it's going to bite them where it hurts...their wallets.

He didn't care and doesn't care when it's about the souls of Christ's people.

Here's a recent email from the schismatics:

Dear Friends,

What follows are two email messages. The first is from David O'Donnell, of
the office of State Senator Marian Walsh, regarding what took place at the
State House yesterday with respect to Senate Bill 1074.

The second is from Peter Borre, cochairman of the Council of Parishes, with
whom the Boston Area Voice of the Faithful Council is collaborating in
support of Senate Bill 1074. Peter makes the case for what should happen
next very well, and so we echo his appeal and ask you to follow the
instructions which he provides below. Working together we can make Senate
Bill 1074 the law in this Commonwealth.



First of all, thanks for all of your help. A number of Senators staff have
told us that they were getting calls from constituents to support the
financial disclosure amendment. Basically, in today's caucus, the Senate
President asked Marian to withdraw the amendment. She asked to speak, and
explained why she shouldn't. A long discussion ensued, and the Senate
President agreed to support the amendment if Senator Walsh would wait and
file it next week when the Senate takes up the supplemental budget. Many
Senators also spoke in support. Senator Walsh agreed to withdraw the
amendment and file it as an amendment to next weeks supplemental budget, but
only if the Senate President gave her his assurance that the amendment would
be taken up, and that there would be no back door effort to scuttle it. He

So, a partial victory, for today, which wouldn't have occurred without the
phone calls of everyone involved. I know this is a pain, but we expect to
take the supplemental budget up on Wednesday of next week. It would be
great if people could start calling their senators again and do what they
did today, ask them to support Senator Walsh's amendment.




Senator Travaglini's phone number is 617-722-1500. This is a critical moment
in the legislative process. Please call (much better than e-mail), and
reiterate as strongly as you can your concerns about the "Marian Walsh
legislation", along the following lines:

I am Massachusetts voter _____________ from [City or Town]. I feel very
strongly that S-1074 should be passed promptly in the Senate. I want
Senator Travaglini to know that I will be following this closely, and it is
ESSENTIAL that S-1074 be taken up next week as an amendment, AS THE SENATOR

You can back this up with an e-mail, to

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to friends and acquaintances within
your networks; more is better, and it must be done today, November 4.

Thanks for your help on this,

Peter Borre'

Thank you for all that you are doing for your Church and for your

Senate Bill 1074 Will Help, Not Hurt, the Church. Given the sea change in
attitudes about disclosing financial data that has occurred in the rest of
the non-profit sector over the past few years, it is fairly predictable what
will eventually happen among religious organizations. As you all have
learned by now, the Internet-driven marketplace offers ever-expanding
choices allowing the consumers to shift allegiance with the click of a
mouse. Many non-profits are beginning to realize that what applies to
consumers, also applies to donors. They, too, can and have shifted
allegiances. Donors growing expectations of financial transparency combined
with new technologies that non-profits can use to share financial data has
changed everything in non-profit fund-raising. It is only when prospective
donors have the kind of information called for in Senate Bill 1074 that
religious organizations like the Archdiocese of Boston will begin to see a
significant reversal of the decline in donations.

Keep The Faith, Change The Church

John Hynes
Steering Committee
Boston Area Voice of the Faithful Council

Everyone is a Catholic that wants to help, after all.

I'd say the first place the ought to head after Boston is Archbishop Dolan's diocese because he just announced that the schismatics dialogue was very beneficial didn't he?

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