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Thursday, November 17, 2005 :::

It's a Festivus Mircale for the Chancery

The Protestants ran up to State House with the evidence that VOTF and Traviglini were plotting a Constitutional violation of law and put the kibosh on Marian Walsh and the schismatics.

This is a VOTF email prior to the kibosh:


To: *&^&&&&
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2005
10:06 PM
Subject: Speaker DiMasi Agrees To Take Up Walsh Bill In House>


>> Dear Friends,>> The Council of Parishes and Boston Area Voice of the Faithful Council urgeyou to support S-2313, An Act Relative to Charities in Massachusetts (theSen. Walsh bill) by calling your representative in the Massachusetts Houseof Representatives tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 15, and asking yourrepresentative to support S-2313 on the floor of the House. There is strong momentum behind the bill: the Senate passed it by an overwhelming margin last week, and House Speaker Sal DiMasi hasagreed to have this bill taken up in the House, perhaps as early astomorrow, and in any case by Wednesday, the last scheduled day of thissession (before a break until the new year).

It is reported that several representatives have agreed to support thebill on the floor, including Kathy Teahan from Whitman, Kathi-Anne Reinstein from Revere, Jim Fagan from Taunton, Susan Pope from Wayland, Lida Harkinsfrom Needham, Ben Swan from Springfield, Garrett Bradley from Hingham, andmany others.

Please consider the following for Tuesday morning:>> A telephone call to your district representative, urging him or her tosupport the bill because of its importance to you as a Catholic; and Atelephone call to Speaker DiMasi's office, expressing your gratitude for hiscooperation in bringing this bill to the floor before this session ends; theSpeaker's office number is 617-722-2500.>>

In any event, our tone should be upbeat, encouraged by the progress madeso far, and hopeful that with the support of the representative, the Housewill pass this bill in the next day or two.>> Thank you for your help.>>

Regards,>>> Peter Borre> Council of Parishes>> John Hynes> Steering Committee> Boston Area Voice of the Faithful Council

DiMasi wimped out:

News that DiMasi had shelved the bill angered advocates.

Roman Catholics in Boston gave the Archdiocese a good dose of their own medicine. What's good enough administrative strategy for emergency contraception is good enough for Marian Walsh's bill. Nobody showed up and they let the schismatics and pagans move the bill forward.

''The tenor of the debate has been always and ever been a referendum on the Catholic Church," said Laura Everett, the program associate of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, which organized the meeting with DiMasi and another session with legislators yesterday.

''We wanted to make sure people knew before they voted what are concerns are," Everett said.
Writing to legislators Nov. 2, Everett and the Rev. Dr. Diane C. Kessler, executive director of the Massachusetts Council of Churches, said: ''We are concerned about the impropriety of using the legislative arm of government to deal with an internal conflict of one church and the dangerous precedent of the legislature getting into the business of regulating and . . . reforming religious institutions. "

It's a pity really it didn't go through. I'd like to know how much money is being funneled into Planned Parenthood/proabort pockets from the teaching touching programs.

That argument was convincing for Representative Ellen Story, an Amherst Democrat, who attended the meeting with the Protestant church leaders and was on the fence about supporting the measure. ''They made a compelling argument that this bill is focused on one denomination," she said.

Good thing somebody reads the paper trails the diocese ignored until it bit them where it hurts.

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