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Friday, November 11, 2005 :::

In yesterday's Herald there was a small story about a state rep from South Boston who has a mission to legalize gambling in the Commonwealth.

"Church on slots: "hypocritical'"

"A South Boston lawmaker who wants to allow slot machines at the state's struggling racetracks is blasting the Massachusetts Catholic Conference for weighing in against the proposal"

"For an organizaton which raises millions of dollars through bingo to now say they are against gambling is hypocritical and shortsighted" state Rep. Brian Wallace said in a statement."

It's not the fault of the Mass Catholic Conference - - but doesn't Wallace's statement prove exactly what we have all been saying all along?

When the Archdiocese refuses to discipline and in fact condones their own gambling, anyone else who comes along to try and stop gambling in the secular world in the Name of God - is dismissed.

They make a mockery of the truth and when any of the rest of us tries to speak it - - the flock, the politicians, the press and our enemies use their logic to discredit truth.

No need for the Bishop to knock the Sauls off their horses - they can appoint them and honor them.. and as long as they can get on with their mission of being Santa Claus to the poor, the ills of society will correct themselves and souls will be saved.

When somebody comes along to unravel the toxic empire of the Bishops - you have the clinically insane, spiritually shortsighted and every village idiot from here to kingdom come gathering up around the Bishop to reinforce their egos and pride. "What mean-spirited people there are over at Magisterial Fidelity, your Excellency, saying such naughty things about the decisions you're making...and isn't it just awful they won't take our advice. "

It is absolutely diabolical.

The whole thing.


Off the Bishop will go to Christmas gala honoring the proabort, pro gay marriage mayor...who the next day, will stand in the public square and discredit Larry Cirigliano and Kris Mineau who are working on the marriage amendment.

They don't get their connection to politicians discrediting Maria Parker and Dan Avila?

They are blinded as to the reasons why removing Cuenin over issues of money while making statements that imply Cuenin's theology is in keeping and communion with the Archbishop's means they are advancing their own destruction. Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done.

When they pick up a copy of our favorite schismatic newspaper... have to wonder how they don't see their administrative foolishness setting traps for priests who will be dragged out by the schismatic vigilantes.

But hey - what do we know.

For David Castaldi, chairman of the board of trustees for the church reform organization Voice of the Faithful, questions remain about financial practices within the archdiocese. But for him, the big question is “Are the policies that applied to Walter [Cuenin] being applied to other priests in the same way and in similar situations,” he said in a recent telephone interview.

Now...for many years we sent up the evidence that giving affirmation, appointments and honors to known lairs heretics and apostates who are involved in Planned Parenthood and Call to Action....nicely stating the reasons why it discredits the faith and would end in catastrophe - it didn't have efficacy.

At some point - you throw your hands up in the air and have to admit we are dealing with idiots...and the people who aren't idiots, are the liars.

What the reason is for the Archbishop to go along with it - - just doesn't matter to any of us...the facts are the facts - he is going along with it.

We have to put our efforts into getting the John McNeices, the Jack Shaughenesseys, the Kanebs - - to stop financing this operation...and tell them why.

That means those of you who have been reluctant to put your names and faces in an organized effort to publicly say what you are saying behind closed doors about the Archbishop, about Bryan Hehir, the Chancery, Planned Parenthood CCD sex classes - has to come to an end.

Ole, ole entry.

The people giving them the money to finance this operation which works against us - has got to come to an end.

No more money.

Cut off the money. There are other places that take care of the poor - funnel it into that instead. They are exploiting the poor to operate a schism of the Roman Catholic Church...and those of us who have been fighting to protect our children and our Deposit of Faith - have had enough.

The pressure has to come on.. to come out of the closet and take a stand.

You are either with Menino and Hehir and Castaldi and Jack Connors and Peter Meade and all the schismatics the Archbishop has put into place - - or you are with the people who fight against them in public policy and theological vineyards...the families and children.

That's where I am with it.

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