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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, November 12, 2005 :::

The Globe is reporting on a story that ran in the press in Italy about the expected document on homosexuals in the priesthood.

The Vatican's new policy on gays in the priesthood will bar men who practice homosexuality, who have ''deeply rooted" homosexual tendencies, or ''who support the so-called gay culture," according to an Italian newspaper.

How many times are they going to keep pretending it's new news?

Anyhoo - I think we should all anticipate another exodus of people who thought the Roman Catholic Church was about a Savoir who surrendered Himself to crucifixion so they could keep on sinning and be saved.

A few days ago - I had a conversation with an individual who hijacked the "Christ hung out with sinners" to defend the Archbishop and Hehir's Christmas party honoring Menino.

"So, you're saying that Herod and Christ *hung out together*?", I asked.

"Christ was a special guest at parties honoring Herod?"

While Herod persecuted Christians, Christ would be seen in the public square shaking his hand and smiling...announce he had a good relationship with Herod?


"Christ hung out with the sinners who repented of their you might hang out with somebody who stole your wallet once and was sorry - but you wouldn't hang out with somebody who kept stealing your wallet, had pride parades about stealing your wallet, told others it's okay to steal your wallet.

Tell me would you feel if Arch Street said 'Christ hung with sinners" and set up affirmation programs for people who believe it's okay to steal your wallet, and they brought in people who taught them healthy techniques about stealing your wallet?"

Jaw open.

You've been lied to and Christ is on the warpath with these shepherds."

The Archdiocese of Boston, through spokesman Terrence C. Donilon, declined to comment on the report, saying Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley would not comment on ''something that is not official Vatican policy."

Beg pardon?

Did he mean to convey that O'Malley will dismiss the document on it's distribution from the Roman Pontiff?

Sure sounds like it.

If he meant the document has not been released, O'Malley has not read it, the reports are from a newspaper - - he should have the professional wherewithall to have phrased it more accurately.

We sure will have to push the press when it comes out - - he is damn well going to make a statement on it - - or the press is going to say he wouldn't and we'll all know.

Choosing our words carefully at this most delicate essential for our brothers and sisters who suffer from same sex temptations. Helping them to understand that the Roman Catholic Church calls sinners who reptent, who struggle, try to resist, confess...

By singling out gay men based on their ''tendencies," Pope said, the policy as reported ''represents gay people as if they are more sexually licentious than straight people."

''It feeds into the stereotype," he said. ''It casts aspersions on gay people."

The reason why the Vatican moved on correcting the situation, was that Boston College, Pope, Cuenin and the schismatics hijacked this place and time to raise this particular issue.

If Boston College instead, had been speaking about the virtues of stealing wallets - the Vatican would have been responding to that.

I think it's clear that priests and Bishops who have been derelict of their duties to discipline themselves and the souls they are charged with - and instead have built a culture that affirms - - they had clear the deck so there would be no confusion on the matter.

We will tear down wallet stealing affirmation programs, sexual affirmation programs - and any other philosophy, philosopher who stands up to discredit, distort and undermine the official Vatican policies, even when it's the Archbishop who is doing it.

As for me, esepcially when the Archbishop is doing it.

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