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Carol M. McKinley

Saturday, November 26, 2005 :::

The Globe chimes in to defend the those who advocate for severing the spinal cords of children.

BY SNUBBING the annual Christmas dinner for Catholic Charities, Archbishop Sean O'Malley seems to be saying that believers like himself must sometimes turn their backs on the common good if there is conflict with the church's strict religious tenets.


O'Malley's withdrawal came after a boycott call from the conservative Catholic Action League of Massachusetts. But if Catholic Charities can honor only people who have never strayed from church doctrine, their banquets will be few. Even saints have flaws.


St. Stephen put down his rocks. That's the part that makes them the saints. Menino is a leader who is still throwing them at Catholics.

Again - the question back to the Board of Catholic Charities, and donors, is-- do they consider advocacy of violence and murders going on against women and children at abortion clinics - something they can overlook to honor somebody's good works?

Do they think they can act independent and make choices that are contrary to those of the Roman Catholic Church?

The longer they hold onto that logic - the uglier this is going to get. They may well go into December 9th holding onto honoring those that respect and advocate violence and murders when they leave the soup kitchens - - but they will have to cross a picket line of women who demand life and justice against the government which advocates for murder.

The good news is, the board and donors are starting to fracture on the idea of holding onto Menino as their honoree.

Menino may be out of sync with some church teachings, but he and other successful politicians know about productive compromise. Sensible politicians on both sides of the abortion issue agree, at least, that unwanted pregnancies should be reduced and that women who choose to bring their pregnancies to term deserve noncoercive information and medical support. Also, politicians on both sides of church-state issues are crafting methods, free of constitutional entanglements, to encourage faith-based groups to deliver social services paid for with tax dollars. It would be easier to retreat behind a hardened position. But how would that serve humanity?

Every mother Menino can no longer convince his ideas are acceptable as a Roman Catholic - their child will have chance to live their lives.

We don't want your blood money. It's killing the children - and all the soup in the world the tax dollars can buy isn't worth a single life Menino's rhetoric snuffs out.

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