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Thursday, November 10, 2005 :::

From this morning's mailbag:

Well done, CM! Very funny. You had me going there for a while. Hehehe. For a Catholic organization and an Archbishop to honor a proabort, progay marriage Catholic Politician would be an enigma of ignorance and scandal .

Of course this is a joke.

Because, what would they do, put a little asterisk beneath the program that says he is a great guy (*except for his support of the mass murder of innocents*).

What are they going to give him, the Mussolini award? "For the nominally Catholic politician most responsible for advancing societal ills in the name of populism."

And of course, since Catholic colleges cannot even allow proabort pols to speak on campus, it would be unthinkable that an AB could fete one off of a campus.

Nice one!


p.s. the function you cite is not on the linked page. was it moved?

The function is there (the Catholic Charities Christmas shtick on December 9th) - the details are not (last I checked)....will have to mosey on over in a bit and see if the rage has pulled the plug - I certainly hope so....but I wouldn't count on it.

No...I'm afraid it's true.

There's a truth we can all be afraid of and still remain in a state of Grace.

A friend gathered up this information on the remind us all about Menino's contributions to our initiatives...

From our local gay newspaper Bay Windows:

Thomas Menino...took a jab at the Focus on the Family-sponsored "Love Won
Out" ex-gay conference that took place in Boston earlier that day. "Their
message is that homosexuality is preventable and treatable," the mayor
noted with some bemusement. "We believe that their message is hate, not
love. We also know that same-sex marriages are pro-family."

Another honorable quote from Bay Windows:

In the race for Mayor, Bay Windows endorses incumbent Tom Menino. With the
exception of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who made his mark,
obviously, by opening up San Francisco City Hall to same-sex couples who
wanted to marry, it's hard to think of another big-city mayor who is more
supportive of LGBT rights than Menino. There is certainly no one in the
country with Menino's lengthy record of support. The city is one of a
handful in the nation that expressly forbids discrimination on the basis
of gender identity. You don't support measures like that as an old-school
Italian-American pol without truly "getting" LGBT issues.

Here is another:

Mayor marks one-year anniversary of same-sex marriage
Menino will host private reception for Goodridge plaintiffs

Long a champion of the GLBT community, Menino and his staff were
responsible for making City Hall a welcoming place for the crowds of
couples that began lining up in the early morning hours of the 17th.

Meet Jerome Smith, Mayor Menino's new gay liason:

Jerome Smith

Apparently, it's an honor for O'Malley and Hehir to honor Menino in our faces.

I am not making this up.

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