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Friday, November 18, 2005 :::

Fr. Cuenin's butchers, bullies and vigilantes are stampeding the Cathedral


"action for justice is a requirement of our faith."
JUSTICE IN THE WORLD Developed by a Synod of Bishops, signed by Pope Paul VI in November 1971

Sunday, November 20th
Attend Mass at 11:00am at the
Cathedral of the Holy Cross
1400 Washington Street, South End, Boston

Join in worship and prayer together at the Cathedral. After Mass, gather in front of the Cathedral to demonstrate our solidarity, protest the injustices and express our resolve. Voice to Archbishop O’Malley that we, Our Lady’s parishioners, joined by Catholics throughout the Archdiocese, seek justice for Our Lady’s Parish, for Fr. Walter Cuenin and all priests of conscience and integrity!

Remember to…
(Buttons available before and at the Cathedral)

...think "truth and justice buttons" for the Catholic Charities stand for justice on December 9th is in order?

I'm sure glad they've taught us the methods for success.

I heard they were going to use the opportunity to overtake the Cathedral and "sit in 24 hour vigil" until Walter was let back. Should be interesting.

Check this out:

TRANSPORTATION PROVIDED Buses will leave Our Lady’s parking lot promptly at 10:00am and return at 1:15pm in time for the Our Lady’s Family Faith Festival.

Too bad Fr. Coyne doesn't line up speakers that dialogue about the sinfulness of contraception and abortion...the merits of celibate priests and chastity....that would clean the heretics out of the "festival" in five minutes.

That's what I'd have waiting for them when they got back.

Here's their email:

We are asking you to join Catholics from around the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond this Sunday at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston to Bear Witness … Stand for Justice. Click here for details.

This gathering, sponsored by Our Lady's Friends and the Our Lady Help of Christian (OLHC) Peace and Justice Committee, has been organized as a response to the injustices by the Archdiocese of Boston (RCAB), through the actions levied by Archbishop O'Malley, Bishop Lennon and other chancery officials, most recently against the Our Lady Help of Christian community and Fr. Walter Cuenin. Also, many believe that this injustice highlights previous unjust actions against already beleaguered priests by punctuating the previous removals of other inspired pastors and adding another front to a climate fear.

I'm just curious...How long do you suppose it would take the Bishops to call the police if we dropped them off to do their shtick in front at the Vatican?

Many of you have demonstrated your support for survivors by standing with them at the Cathedral. Many have not but have acted in other ways. We must continue to stand and speak out or do so for the first time - together. Taking action moves all us - especially as Catholics - out of our comfort zones. More importantly, taking action creates empowerment for us to take responsibility for the future of our faith. As Stephen Pope said at October 2nd's Walk for Walter, this is "not only a battle for the soul of the Archdiocese of Boston, but the meaning of Christianity."

You better believe it -- and we'll be damned if we let them gather up the innocents for their slaughter.

We are asking you to do three things:

Join us in prayer at the 11:00 A.M. Mass at the Cathedral.

Gather with us for a 25 minute rally and speaker's event immediately following Mass scheduled to begin at 12:15 P.M. Included in the speaker's program will be Francine Cardman from the Weston Jesuit School of Theology and Dorothy Kennedy of the Boston Council of VOTF along with Deborah Packard, Margaret Roylance, Terry Morris and Larry Kessler of OLHC.

Wear red to demonstrate out passionate resolve to stand for justice.
Please join with your kindred sisters and brothers - your presence will make a difference for our faith and for you!

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