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Friday, November 04, 2005 :::

First thing....O'Malley article in the Schismatic Newspaper

O'Malley sees renewal in Boston church
Archbishop cites reports of returning Massgoers, increased revenues..

It's all about an award ceremony

Archbishop Sean O’Malley knows he’s being watched. “Being archbishop of Boston is like living in a fishbowl made out of magnifying glass,” he told NCR in an interview at the Pierre Hotel here Oct. 7.

As soon as Papa Jellyfish stops sending out his sharks and piranahs to eat us all up - the Aquarium will be a safer place for him to float.

O’Malley was in the city to accept the Graymoor Award presented by the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement.

Oh - is the website

I'm trying to remember....that the place that threw out Fr. Groeschel?

Ugh - check out the events

Birds of a feather...

In any event -

“After a lot of slipping away,” O’Malley said, Catholics are beginning to return to the church. He had no figures to share, but said he had heard anecdotally from pastors that pews are filling up again

Ah - that explains it. He's getting all his information from anecdotes.

Would that be the same anecdote system Bishop McManus was relying upon to tell him about the anectodes at the sex store in California?

I'm pretty sure that's the same information technology system that landed Cardinal Law in front of a Grand Jury.

Aware that young people, the future of the church, were the persons most injured by abusive priests in years past, the archbishop said he is determined to focus on adolescents and young adults.

That would be the Jack Connors/Janet Eisner/Mary Jane England/Larry Kessler Safe Touching Private Parts focus?

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