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Carol M. McKinley

Thursday, November 17, 2005 :::

As the USCCB announce that 30,000 (schismatics) are ready to take over the priesthood....VOTF has released a report that says their 30,000 (schismatics) have taken over parishes.

It's exactly as we've said all along - the dissent was taught to them in the Catholic schools:

Furthermore, a majority were educated in Catholic schools, from a high of 70% at the elementary level to a majority of 57% at the college level.

I'd like to know the statistics on how many are members of the Massachusetts Legislature, wouldn't you?

With regard to activities in their parish, the survey found that half were members of Parish Councils, 45% were on Liturgy Committees, and one in four served on Parish School Boards or Finance Committees. More than six out of ten reported membership in other parish committees. Their active participation in parish life extended to service as Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers (45% for each) with one in four listing Mass Server, Music Ministry and Greeter/Usher. Some 52% reported teaching in religious education or RCIA, while 25% reported teaching in a Catholic grade or high school. Two out of three were members of small faith-sharing groups, including parish RENEW groups. (RENEW is Archbishop O'Malley's renewal program for the RCAB on the adult level) “In sum,” wrote the authors, “VOTF members have an extraordinary amount of knowledge about the Catholic Church’s teachings and liturgy.”

Certainly explains why O'Malley defers to their counsel instead of Rome's.

Here's some stuff going on over at Our Lady Help of Christians. Sounds like Fr. Coyne better be locking up the basement.

So like a community that understands what a community is and what a collective voice sounds like, the women on this panel brought not only their own voices to this subject but those of the other sisters in their community, as well as the words of others no longer alive.

A regular seance!


There was agreement among the panelists, as well as attendees, with Sr. Betsy’s concluding remark: “We know the power of discernment and dialogue, if we trust that the Spirit will do what we alone cannot – if we keep open to her.” PLT

I wouldn't let those women within 50 feet of me without a crucifix in my hand directed at their eyes.

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