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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

Who are they kidding?

Leading what is what I want to know.

Look...the booze mat bloat is back in the news:

Father Paul Embery, of the National Office for Vocation of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales — which launched a campaign on beer mats and Underground posters to attract trainee priests over the summer — said that there had been a huge rise in the number of married deacons in Britain and elsewhere. He said: “Deacons cannot administer the (communion) sacraments, hear confessions or anoint the sick. But they can conduct marriages and baptisms. Some might say they were married priests in waiting.”

Perhaps he should try vocation ashtrays in a hash-hish parlor.

Should priests marry?

Who would Walter and Ronnie Coyne (etc) marry is the better question.

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