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Saturday, October 22, 2005 :::

Top of the Mornin'!

Not much time this morning...but..for the sake of excitement....

Bryan's Schismatic Empire is in the Boston Globe today...and his spin's the law dontcha know.

The social services agency of the Archdiocese of Boston has allowed 13 foster children to be adopted by same-sex couples in the past two decades, despite Vatican teachings against homosexuality.

Social Services - who has now has a social worker trained for every Roman Catholic family who participates in the Sacramental life of the Church because we won't let the pagans name their body parts and operate their sexual consent programs - - is working with's the law don't you know.

If we could design the system ourselves, we would not participate in adoptions to gay couples, but we can't," the Rev. J. Bryan Hehir,

He is full of dung.

All he has to do is stop taking their money - reorganize...just like their doing up at the Digs.

It's as simple as that.

He uses it as an excuse to say Catholic Charities can perform illegal functions in the Roman Catholic Church.

I wonder if he is performing gay marriages, don't you?

It's the law don't you know.

I wonder how much money he has given to poverty striken women seeking abortions.

It's the law don't you know.

He must have been stammering with the Globe....look at this spin:

Hehir said if they excluded gay couples, they wouldn't be able to help the hundreds of foster children that went to heterosexual couples.

Perhaps we should get out of the adoption agency all together then, if the wealthy folks in town don't want to sponsor adoptions via Catholic Charities and separate the church and state.

...and a proud moment up on Lake Street...

Peter Meade, who is chairman of the board, told the Globe that the agency should be accepting same-sex couples who are willing to take in needy children.

"What we do is facilitate adoptions to loving couples," Meade said. "I see no evidence that any child is being harmed."

I wonder if this is the new PR from the new guy they hired to work with Donilon.

How about them Red Sox!

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