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Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

Tom Hammil passed along this little ditty yesterday....

It's a letter in the Patriot Ledger from a lector at St. Albert'stating her opinion that - No harm comes from adultery

This is one of the reasons why her former pastor - "Ronnie" Coyne - is now unasigned...the "emergency response team"...sitting by the phone waiting as a priest for an emergency that never comes.

It seems that the Archdiocese of Boston interprets the separation of church and state as the situation warrants.

Is she saying those of us in the pews are prohibited from stating the teachings of the Church when we are sitting inside of our parishes?

I believe what the rest of us have been saying is - we're all for separation of Church and State - please remove the people articulating what the state opposes in the Deposit of our faith.

Separate them.

Apparently, she moseys on over to the Altar after she is done with the readings from the Ambo:

as a lector at St. Albert the Great Parish, would have refused to read it from the altar.

Time to take these people down?

I'm working on the sex ed stuff and that is where my focus is - - but it would seem to me now that Walter has gone the way of the buffallo - - we need to take one of his disciples down and hold our actions up into the light as a warning to the others.

Let's chit chat under the radar!!!

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