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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, October 31, 2005 :::

This was forwarded to me regarding Aquino:

WORCESTER -- Bishop Robert J. McManus has placed the Rev. James Aquino
on administrative leave in the wake of a revelation of the priest's
sexual misconduct in Las Vegas last year.

Rev. Aquino had served as pastor of Our Lady of Loreto parish and as the
director of the Worcester Diocese's office of the diaconate.

The woman who forwarded it to me - told me that the priest had a reputation for dissent for years and years - and in fact, wouldn't let the marriage petitions be signed (huge red flag on problematic priests.

So - it appears that the Bishop didn't have the ambition to get the details on an allegation of whether or not his priest was so sexually out of control that he publicly participated in a mutual hand job...and when people complained that the priest was a sexual dissenter - the Bishop pooh-poohed it - saying there was no connection to the actions a priest takes when nobody is looking.

In this case - even when everybody is looking - and he gets arrested - he still denies there is a problem - - and keeps him in charge of forming deacons.

I suppose - it's par for the course. The reason why they don't shut down Vagina Monologues....the reason why they don't shut down sexually dissenting priests...the reason why they let in Planned Parenthood - - and look the other way - - is the same reason why they let Aquino continue to pervert himself, our communities, our faith and Christ only knows what else.

We have to do better than this, as laity - - because it is patently obvious that the Bishops are for the very few who are acting in good faith in the United States.

I think we ought to consider putting up that blackball site we have been putting off for a long time.

A list of priests and their heresies - their apostacies - the things they are allowing in their parish which make them dangerous to themselves, to our faith, to our families and to our children...and along with that list - list the few parishes we have left that are authentic - and I do mean - FREE of whacky women, whacky deacons, whacky dialogue...or anything else.

I mean FREE and SAFE.

I think we're going to find that later on down the line - the purification is connected to the list we blackball.

I sure hope that the Vatican says "no" to more Bishops for Boston. They are completely useless - and the last thing we need is more of them.

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