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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

This in from Holy Trinity Church...a beautiful witness of our faith..

Please remember in your prayers our beloved Father
Shea who collapsed today while saying the Traditional
Latin Mass at Holy Trinity in Boston.
I felt prompted to take notes during his homily today
so following are some excerpts from his homily.

(Father is recovering in a local hospital)

Notes from Father Shea's homily at Holy Trinity today.
Father opened his homily by reminding us of our duty
to be supportive to those suffering from poverty.
And then he called our attention to another poverty,
spiritual poverty... which exists today.

And, from the pulpit, he asked a question. "Why did
Jesus give us the sacrament of reconciliation?" He
asked why so few of us take advantage of the

He said, "The priest has heard all the sins". "The
priest respects the secrecy of the confessional", he
said. "He cannot remember the sins you confess. The
priest forgives sins.
"The gospel today is all about the faith of a
desperate woman seeking to be healed from physical
death. And about the faith of her father begging
Jesus to lay his hands on her. We witness the role of
Jesus' healing by restoring life and health.
"We see the power of faith, we witness healing and we
see the power of Jesus going out to those who turn to
Him," said Father Shea.

"I have come that you have life and have it more
abundantly," the 88 year old priest quoted the words
of Jesus.

"We do not reach out by faith and seek the healing of
our soul by revealing our sins in the confessional (if
we don't go to confession) and we don't experience
through our faith being made whole again," preached
Father Shea.

"Jesus is there to forgive us through His priest.
But Christ is there if we are weak. Think about this
if you do not seek reconciliation in the

"Realize you are being healed and restored to
spiritual health in Christ, himself."

With these words, Father Shea completed his homily.
He returned to the celebration of the Traditional
Latin Mass.

As he begin to say the prayers of the offertory,
Father Shea collapsed right on the altar. His body
tumbled to the rug covering the top step of the altar.
His head came to rest near the edge of the top step.

Immediately, the sound of a united gasp echoed in the
Church. A doctor went up to check for vital signs.
He found them. Father O'Regan appeared right beside
Father Shea. Patricia, the director of religious
education ran from church and called 911.

Christine Quagan stood up in the back of the Church
and started saying the rosary. The entire
congregation joined in.

The priest who heard confessions spoke into time
microphone and said, "Father is conscious. He is
breathing. He appears to have fainted."

The two young altar boys remained patient and present
and appeared to be praying the rosary with the

Father O'Regan made the decision to complete the Holy
Mass as soon as Father Shea was attended to. The
EMT's and fire department arrived and within a few
moments Father Shea was wheeled on the stretcher from
the Church. As he was wheeled to the back of the
Church he lifted his head and peered to see the light
in the back of the Church through squinted eyes.

Father O'Regan announced after Mass Father is resting
comfortably in the hospital and he is recovering. He
appears to be in reasonably good health after
apparently fainting on the altar.

Father Shea had a pacemaker installed earlier this
year. Our prayers surrounded him with all our love
during his trials on the altar at Holy Trinity.

One parishioner observed with the closing of Holy
Trinity something we all fear but we all pray might
not happen, this could be a blessing from our Lord.

We all prayed for Father Shea and God spared him. We
all are praying for him and are so grateful for all
his service to the Traditional Latin Mass at Holy
Trinity and for his friendship and his insightful
homilies which are always so full of good instruction
and faithful teaching.

Our prayer is God might spare Holy Trinity just as, in
His divine mercy, He spared Father Shea.

Won't all who reads this join us in this prayer.

Under the mercy,

Dave Dowd

Christe Eleison

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