Magisterial Fidelity
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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, October 16, 2005 :::

Somebody sent along this jewel from the Mary Gail Frawley O'Dea.

We the undersigned are clinicians, authors, clergy, and/or researchers who have been active in the area of psychological trauma, including childhood sexual abuse, for many years. We are writing from deep concern about the decision of the Archdiocese of Boston to depose therapists with whom you have contracted to provide clinical services to adult survivors of sexual abuse by priests.

Deep concern all right....deep concern that they will not have the ability to scream at the Cardinals and Bishops because the paper trail shows that the shrinks not only knew and kept their mouths shut - they are the very people who told the Bishops that the pedophiles were cured.

That would put the kybosh on their planned parenthood committees and programs which claim to have the fix on how to protect children from the sexual dissenters they protect.

The psychotherapist-patient relationship and the healing process therein are successful only to the extent that the therapy is impervious to disruptive impingements from others.

As is the physicain of the soul.

It wasn't the role of the priest or Bishop to report the crime - it's out of their scope and inconsistent with their confidentiality.

The refusal to call the police - was the decision of the parents who took the money - their lawyers who helped them get a deal for the money - and the shrinks who kept their mouths shut.

It was a convoluted system.

Still is.

In order to heal, any patient must be assured that conversations taking place in the consultation room are confidential.

The same role, by coinkydink, of a priest and Bishop, acting as a spiritual physicain.

If went to a priest and told him my car was stolen at Quincy T Station by one of the people who sits in his pews - he would and should encourage me to call the police...but it's not his job to do so if I refuse and instead, get a lawyer and obtain money from the perp's insurance company.

Although confidentiality is always sacred, it is even more so with patients whose bodies, minds, and souls already have been betrayed by loved and trusted figures in their lives.

The gargoyles think they are sacred but priests and Bishops and Cardinals - should be denied that sacred confidentiality.

It's fascinating!!

In addition to revictimizing already traumatized victims of clergy abuse, subjecting therapists to depositions also traumatizes them. It is a shock for any therapist to experience the invasion of his or her consultation room by attorneys seeking information about a patient that may be used to discredit him or her in legal proceedings.

yeah...we might find things they've accused their own fathers - or they have been practicing witchcraft in the woods and have a long history of hallucinations and mental disturbances extraneous to their accusation against the priest (true story)...or we might find their hallucinations from their heroine addictions are profoundly insane....when we see the whole picture.

That kind of jazz would help the jury to see the incredulous details which clear those whom they accuse.

THEN, Mary O'Dea couldn't come in with her coven and self-proclaimed sexual godesses Planned Parenthood programs and insist the Bishops use sexual dissenters to execute it.

Their gig would be up.

The sad part is, the folks who were legitimatly abused - - the few - - are tainted by our rejection of their hubris because of their affiliations with the sexual gargoyles.

It became so infiltrated with lies and carpetbaggers and witches (literally) - nobody will ever sort the truth...we've all left it be done on the last day - when all the lies will have lost their power to deceive.

In 1956, Chairman Mao launched in China the “Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom” campaign. In it, he asked that the citizens of China freely discuss their reactions to his regime. It was all a ruse.

By her own tongue, may the rightful judgment of the ruse, by Divine Justice - be upon her household - and in the Name of Christ.

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