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Tuesday, October 25, 2005 :::

Re: Aquino

For those of you following the Aquino controversy in the comments section below...

I understand just how much this whole kit and kaboodle has impacted our trust in our Bishops, our priests and in the laity itself..but kiddos...this is not a blog where I'm going to post hysteria.

When people starting throwing names around as credible sources of Kathy Shaw, the schismatic journalist - Dan Dick, head of VOTF Worcester and Miss Jean Worcester Voice - I'm pretty much going to chalk whatever allegations and accusations they bring forth as BS to further their cause to dismantle the Roman Catholic Church.

Paul Shanley was a perv - but for all who watched the trail - anyone in the truth knows that was a scam...that witness was never raped by Paul Shanley. Roman Catholic Priests can be convicted on no evidence whatsoever. They have no money for lawyers..and the laity are acting like asses.

In this case - I find it impossible to believe that Bishop McManus would be defending a pervert.

I don't care what the police reports say. I've seen too much of Kathy Shaw, Dan Dick and their creepy lying lawyers....seen one too many innocent priest files who are out on leave for years and years.

Adding to my discernment - is the hysteria of the posters who moseyed on over to the Newman Center site and took things out of context...

Take a look-see:

RE: Bishop covers up pastor's lewd activity
IP: Logged


How sad that yet another homosexual cleric has acted out sexually and
embarassed both himself and the Diocese of Worcester. Even more tragic
is the response of this Bishop, a successor to the Apostles.



RE: Bishop covers up pastor's lewd activity
IP: Logged


Hey, not to worry. The Magisterial Fidelity Blog, run by an Irish
Catholic laywoman, is trying to portray this wayward priest as a
"rosary praying" victim soul. But she is being exposed herself in the
comments section of her site. One poster said this...

Anonymous said... Carol,

Read all of the links on this original VOTF letterRe: McManus and this
priest. I do not like VOTF either, but, just because we are not in
agreement with a group does not mean that they do not have legit.
information to impart at times.

This is legit. The facts speak for themselves and I, for one, remain
deeply concerned.

Go figure.... A priest gets caught publicly masterbating another man,
and that is not a problem according to the bishop?

Carol, do you really want to hold this culprit up as a Rosary touting priest?

Read the links, the police report, the court record, the Bishops
response, etc.

This is not a conspiracy. This guy that McManus supporting is a total creep.

Carol, some times I simply do not get your logic.

I do get that you are trying to protect all, but dear one, some are not
worth protecting and McManus is an ass, doing precisely what the
bishops do.

Do you not see that it is more of the same?



Is this Carol another VOTF wolf or saboteur in sheep's clothing? Why
would she defend Fr. Aquino?


RE: Bishop covers up pastor's lewd activity
IP: Logged


I don't know that she is a "saboteur." But her attitude is nevertheless
disturbing. Equally disturbing is her announced intention of putting
pay pal at her site and taking donations from readers.

Is she about money or defending truth? It costs nothing to run a
blogger site (unlike DTF's site which probably costs money every year
for having a company to "host" the site). I have never seen DTF asking
for money to support the site.

What would she need money for? Something stinks here in my opinion.



Something stinks all right.

Zem went over and posted something out of context and incited hysteria.

What I said was I don't buy into the shtick of Shaw and Dick...and "for all I know...the priest is a rosary prayer..."...and I then said McManus has been a good egg.

I don't make rash judgments.

It took many, many, many paper trails from credible people before I drew the conclusion on Bishop O'Malley. It isn't conjecture. It wasn't just that he was plugging in the schismatics - - it's that his administration, on top of it all - is maligning and trying to take out of commission our good priests under the radar. He is maligning laity who come to him with the paper trail of his sexually malformed counselors and executors of his operation.

Adding to my discernment - was the hysteria of the next blagart who comments about the charity that many of you spoke of to help finance my shtick.

This isn't just a blog where I post news. This is a tiny window to a full blown operation. Every time I send something to Rome, its close to 30 dollars. I couldn't count the times I've had to put together paper trails of 50 - or 100 pages and have to make a dozen copies (copy costs, postage) to send around the US to Bishops, lay people who are in a position of power, across to the Holy See. Software to put presentations together because the idiots need to see it in pictures because they don't want to the time to "read". The hours and hours I've spent paying people to do my job while I did this one. The driving around to show the presentations to people - gas money.

The personal cost to me I would imagine in the past five years to be 40,000 easy....and that's only what I'm willing to admit.

I'm not whining for the sake of me.

I'm just pointing out "why" I'm not going with the lynch mob.

May well turn out that Aquino is guilty of all you say he is. If some credible people step forward - then fine.

Up until that point in time - my money is on Bishop McManus.

Sleep well!!

Pray for me tomorrow - for all of us who are testifying against Planned Parenthood - going into the Belly of the Beast.

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