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Sunday, October 09, 2005 :::

Often times -- authors of various things will send me their stuff to post or pass around the internet.

"The Flying Buttress" was recently introduced to me about a month ago.

Don't know who the author is - - but he is obviously somebody that's been very hurt by schismatic priests, Bishops and laity....a member of what I call the spiritually traumatized.

We all share his exasperation.

I have never really read his stuff - - but there are a few things that went off the edge...which I edited out.

Some things are our world of reality on the publicity stunts coming out of Chanceries defending and upholding the schism.

Looks to me as though he writes an exaggerated version of how the Chanceries pull off the schism - - but it's just close enough to how their spin is used agaisnt us on the parish levels that its quite amusing...

Here are a few excerpts:

+In order to provide a helpful resource to catechumens enrolled in RCIA, as well as to better serve the needs of those inquiring into the Faith, the Cincinnati Archdiocese has drawn up an annotated list of standardized responses to questions frequently asked about the Church. While the author of this document is uncertain, our readers will soon discern that these responses are wholly compatible with the Archbishop’s left-wing worldview:

Q: My boyfriend and I are in love and are thinking about moving in together. What does the Church teach about cohabitation?

A: While the Church as a whole teaches that marriage is the preferred form of living arrangement, here in Cincinnati we believe that love, regardless of sexual orientation and unencumbered by excessive rituals and obligations, is the most important ingredient of a sincere, faithful and committed relationship. Besides – if you’ve got the milk, why buy the cow?

Q: What about women?

A: What about them?

Q: Why can’t they be priests?

A: It is truly a shame, isn’t it, that the Church can’t conduct itself like any other business or political body. Well, here in the Cincinnati Archdiocese, we have done something about gender equity, which we define as the residual value of women exclusive of any relationship with men. We have established a new seminary for female altar servers, Mt. St. Joan of Arc of the West, to prepare these women for ordination when the time is ripe.

Q: I’ve been on the pill since I was 16. I’ve had four abortions and three divorces. Can I still become Catholic?

A: The Cincinnati Archdiocese certainly celebrates the determination with which you’ve maintained your reproductive health and exercised your independence from oppressive male domination. The Catholic Church welcomes all people regardless of their past, but FYI, we use the term “fetal annulment” instead of “abortion.”

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