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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 :::

The Newton Tab gives a fairly decent explanation of Walter's cult that set an army against Christ's authentic Church

Upon peeling back the public emotional rancor of the dismissal of a popular parish priest and community leader, it is essential for Catholics to revisit the structure and doctrine of their church, as it is equally advantageous for their non-Catholic allies to gain some understanding of the inner workings of the Church.

The Church hierarchy is more akin to the military than a democracy.

The author goes on...

The military operates on the simple premise of following orders without question. So does the Catholic hierarchy. The military adheres to a doctrine and code of ethics that are particular to its hierarchy. The Church also adheres to a strict doctrine and code of ethics, to such an extent that they may appear unrecognizable to the layman.

There is no place in the military for dissent from within its ranks. It will not tolerate public debate about military policy from any soldier, nor any challenge to the military authority from within, nor any usurpation to the chain of command.

Neither does the Catholic Church.

Priests serve at the will of their commanding officer, the Archbishop, who in turn serves at the will of the Pope. A priest is bound by Vatican orders to carry out Vatican policy without question, without hesitation. Priests are not allowed to contradict or circumvent Church policy as defined by the Vatican. Their role is to serve as the Pope's emissary at all times on all matters related to the church.

Cuenin is guilty of treason.

Fabulous exposition on how Walter recruited his victims...he cruised the gay community and marketed his anti-church to them.

In the eyes of the Chancellery Father Cuenin was behaving more like a liberal Unitarian minister than a conservative Catholic priest.

Why not just be honest and use the right word?

We all know what he was behaving like.

What's the secret?

If the Archdiocese had been forthright in presenting the completepicture of its ouster of Father Cuenin, many parishioners would havestill been angry, but at least they would have known the truth. Andpart of the truth is that in the Catholic Church celebratingdiversity does not mean celebrating alternative lifestyles. And whenit becomes apparent that a parish priest has chosen to contradictchurch doctrine, the Archdiocesan leadership will always intervene,regardless of the impact on the parish.


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