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Thursday, October 27, 2005 :::

Meanwhile...look at this cretin who has been sucking our money playing the piano all these years...while demanding that the people be refused the teachings of the Church.

At the pulpit of St. Gabriel Church in Brighton, an official from the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston was telling parishioners how to sign a petition to ban same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

As he looked on, said Patrick Kilduff, the church's organist for 28 years, he grew angry that the archdiocese had chosen a Saturday Mass to make what he considered a political statement.

So before he was supposed to play the closing hymn of the Mass on Oct. 8 , Kilduff walked away from his organ in protest. His cantor, Colleen Bryant, stood in front of the congregation and told them that they did not have to sign the petition if they did not want to.

This is what they do, when you try to "keep them" in a religion they don't belong to.

The Pastor fired them both...BRAVO.

Finally - - we can pull out Humanae Vitae perhaps?

The pair's departure occurred as the archdiocese faces mounting criticism from laypeople and other religious leaders for its decision to remove a popular Newton priest from his parish.

That's a nice way to put a purging of bullies and thieves of our faith.

Donilon, who said he was speaking on the pastor's behalf, also defended the use of a Mass to promote the petition. ''Any place and time we could reasonably expect a priest to promote those issues that are central to the mission of the church," he said.

Good quote by Donilon.

Bryant stayed at the microphone. A supporter of same-sex marriage, she decided to express her discontent. ''I said . . . that by no means should anyone feel obligated to sign this petition, especially those of us who, like myself, may believe or may think that politics do not belong in this house of worship," she said.

Goodbye and Good Riddance then.

It's called Communism, her shtick.

About 15 minutes later, Bryant said, she received a call from Manning, who was not at the Mass. He had heard about her comments from the presiding priest and was upset, Bryant said.

He asked her if she planned on making similar statements during the Sunday Mass, Bryant recalled. She did not give him a reply. Then ''he said, 'Well, then I don't want you to ever come back and sing,' " Bryant said.

This is good news...finally...our priests are getting it.

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