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Thursday, October 27, 2005 :::

Lots of news...

The sex ed hearing went as well it possibly could have...congrats to all - I think there is a fighting chance to get opt in moving forward. We have a lot of work to do on it...and I'll be posting a report probably on the weekend.

Lots of things to post over the weekend - -

In the news today - a few things....

Meirs was a surprize wasn't it?

Republicans and Democrats said politics forced her to withdraw, particularly the demands of Republican conservatives who twice elected Bush and now seek to move the high court to the right on abortion and other issues.

Can't say I'm disappointed - - in fact, I'm delighted that he took a step to the right with us. I supported Meirs nomination - but heck - - if it turns out that the power that be want to put somebody in more to the right....I'm all for that!!

"They had a litmus test and Harriet Miers failed that test," said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.,

They're losing ground.

The story in the Boston Globe, showing our Massachusetts Legislators boozing and laughing it up in Portugal is helping us all out.

"In effect, she was denied due process by members of her own party," said Sen. John Warner, a Virginia Republican. And former GOP Sen. Dan Coats, whom the White House assigned to assist her win confirmation, said outside groups and pundits and "perhaps even some senators" had rushed to judgment.

Yeah - I agree. But people who have been traumatized for the past 40 years have HAD IT....and this appointment played into our zero tolerance shtick.

Finally - for those of you keeping track of the "Walter's Friend's " (whom they call "our lady" - terrible!!) have sent out their demands:

Dear Friends –

Members of the Steering Committee of Our Lady’s Friends had a wonderful meeting with Walter on Tuesday 10/25/05 as a result of the e-mail we received from him on Monday. He graciously thanked our Lady’s Friends for all our efforts, our love for him, for Our Lady’s parish and for the church. Our discussion centered on how we can work to repair the damage the Archdiocese has inflicted on our parish. In light of this meeting, Our Lady’s Friends is releasing the following statement:

The Archdiocese of Boston has committed a grave injustice against Fr. Walter Cuenin and the faith community of Our Lady Help of Christians Parish in Newton. Fr. Cuenin’s forced resignation as pastor and the unilateral appointment of an archdiocesan insider have driven away hundreds of our parishioners, and have robbed the parish of significant financial and spiritual resources. The depth of pain and brokenness we have experienced is abundantly clear and unacceptable. We must respond and stand up for what is right.

As a parish we have spent a month coping with the destructive actions of the Archdiocese. In that time, we have collected over 5000 signatures on a petition calling for fair treatment of Fr. Cuenin. We seek justice for Fr. Cuenin and the other priests who have been victims of this same pattern of abuse of power by the Archdiocese.

In response to these injustices, Our Lady’s Friends demands that

Archbishop O’Malley admit that Fr. Cuenin was treated unjustly and dishonestly by those who accused him of wrongdoing and demanded his resignation, and that the Archbishop publicly acknowledge and apologize for this injustice
The Archdiocese immediately disclose all financial information leading to Fr. Cuenin’s alleged financial improprieties

The Archdiocese exonerate Fr. Cuenin and reinstate him to meaningful ministry commensurate with his talents and experience

The Archdiocese recognize the rights of Our Lady’s parishioners and lay leadership to be involved in decisions that affect our future as a faith community, including the right to have an effective role in selecting our pastor

This is a larger cause than Fr. Walter Cuenin, however critical he has been in the formation of our community. Our prophetic anger and thirst for justice call us to escalate our efforts by taking action to reassert our identity as a model faith community. We will work to maintain a fully functional, dynamic and welcoming Our Lady Help of Christians Parish; and to this end, we will continue to reach out to all members of Our Lady’s community to remain true to this tenet of our parish mission statement:

“As a diverse loving community, we welcome all people unconditionally to join us in worship and ministry. In partnership with one another we strive to build on our rich tradition as we bring the values of God’s kingdom to our challenging world.”

Looking toward the future, we commit ourselves to maintaining the vital, inclusive, and spiritually rich community which has been built up by the cooperative labor of Fr. Cuenin, the parish staff, and all the members of Our Lady’s. It is our baptismal responsibility and intent to live and continue to define the mission of our parish through our voice and participation. We view this as nothing less than a battle for our souls, the soul of our parish and the soul of the Archdiocese of Boston. We call upon all the members of Our Lady’s to join us in reclaiming our parish.

Certainly makes the story their lady told to the Boston Globe about wanting the parishioners to stop fighting - a farce and publicity stunt.

This is the same kind of stunts they pull when we want to hear Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae.

If I were Fr. Coyne, I'd have their lady's bedroom in the rectory exorcised.

I'm dead serious.

They better believe it's a battle for souls and the soul of the Roman Catholic Church - and we sure hope the diocesse does the right thing - because we've had enough...and if they don't do the right thing - by the Christ they are going to see one uprising which no time in history of the Roman Catholic Church ever saw.

We're going to get our relgion back from these people come hell or high water...and Bryan Hehir and his band of pagan heretics and apostates can go the easy way or the hard way - but either way - they're going to sit down and shut up - or mosey on along.

We'll let them have Bishop Boles - Fr. Bob Connors, VerEche, Clare Bertero, Peter Meade, Mary Jane England, B.C., Bryan Hehir and the Jesuits (save for a few we'll keep)...and they can all have themselves a schismatic hootinannie.

Howz that for a plan?

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