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Friday, October 14, 2005 :::

Jumping Junipers!

Kolb, 30, is the former Catholic seminary student who was charged in October 2004 by Gallup Police with the attempted murder of Sister Margaret Mary Liebst, 82, by putting acid in her cereal, Windex cleaner in her food and beverages, and tampering with her insulin.

Get this...

The New Mexico State Police indicated that they plan on investigating the matter further," the statement concludes.

They put it in his "work for when pigs fly" pile. see...

....this is the reason why I can't work at the Chancery.

"Begging your pardon" I'd say "but wouldn't the time to investigate be when he's on his way over to the Chancery?"


"Very well. We'll pile the bodies out behind the dumpster for your forensic team investigation. Good day to you. What did you say your name was?...".

According to the police report, Kolb confessed to the acts and explained he was jealous of the attention Liebst was getting from Father Thomas Maikowski, 57, Liebst's longtime caretaker. As detailed in the lengthy police report, Maikowski was Kolb's close friend, sometime employer, and sometime housemate. Both Maikowski and Kolb denied to police that they had a sexual relationship. Police and court records indicate Kolb has a history of mental health problems.

There's a wee little problem with the vocations director in that diocese, wouldn't you say?

Check this out:

director of the Department of Education, principal of St. Francis Elementary, and a member of the bishop's Diocesan Consultors;

Just like Boston!!! The seamless garment. Appoint the crazies to everything and we'll all sing kumbaya.


he continues to work in the diocese.


If Boston is any indication of the heirarchal wizards - if the police want to find him - they should check out the "safe envirornment" office.

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