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Carol M. McKinley

Monday, October 31, 2005 :::

James Carroll piece in the Globe today is bizarre...

He calls it the dance of demons....and He ought to know...

He gets this part right...

But there is another way to think of evil, finding it in the juncture between individual freedom and social context. The story of Genesis posits the malevolent serpent, but what ruined Paradise was not the serpent but the option made in its favor by Adam and Eve.

Then...he hijacks it..

This phenomenon can take the form of the ''grooved thinking" of a bureaucracy or of the ''institutional culture" that trumps even the good intentions of those who operate within it.

It's not the people making the choices of Adam and Eve that is evil...its the rules of God that are trumping the good intentions of people who only want a bite of a little old apple.


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