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Sunday, October 09, 2005 :::

Interesting story today in the Globe on Dobson's Focus on the Family

Dobson stands in the vanguard of a crusade by evangelical Christians to place their agenda at the forefront of public debate over presidential and congressional elections, judicial appointments, gay marriage, and the ''life issues" of abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem-cell research. Dobson, 69, is arguably the dominant ideologist of the movement.

His influence is so considerable among conservatives that, before President Bush nominated Harriet E. Miers for the Supreme Court, White House adviser Karl Rove reportedly called Dobson with private assurances about Miers's judicial philosophy.

That's what happens under the radar - - before the announcements - the network gets the right information out...knowing that the newspapers and hysterics will twist...because they don't want influencial people to join the lynch mob.

If Dobson goes against it - the rest of us are going to side with Dobson...and that makes trouble for the initiative to get her appointed. They want to please prolifers. Dobson doesn't compromise to make nice nice on the abortion and sexual moral compass issues.

He has too much experience with Planned Parenthood to be undermined.

Except of course, at Planned Parenthood Office at the USCCB and Boston Chancery. (Dobson affirms TAT and their like programs are Planned Parenthood programs and the chancery undermined him along with the rest of us who have expertise in dissent and the culture of death.

''He smiles, he's articulate, he has some quality advice about child rearing," said Lynn, a minister in the United Church of Christ, whose leaders have endorsed gay marriage. ''But on some of these big political questions, he's extremely far to the right, and people ought to recognize that before they start walking down the road with him."

Dobson won't have anything to do with the wrong -he sticks with the right, the truths..and everyone realizes it whose in the truth. That's why Rove makes the phone call to his headquarters.

Here's what he had to say about Walter's Taliban:

''There is no question that the beliefs of conservative Christians are under attack," Dobson told the Globe. ''Any conviction founded on religious faith is vilified; any stand on absolute truth is denigrated as old-fashioned at best, or reminiscent of the Taliban at worst; any view out of lockstep with the left's agenda is met with anything but tolerance and acceptance."

Rumors around say the Democrat proaborts are considering calling Dobson to testify at the appointment hearings.

It seems to me, all of the [information] the White House knows about Harriet Miers should be made available to the Senate and the American people," Salazar said. "If they're making information available to Dr. Dobson – whom I respect and disagree with from time to time – I believe that information should be shared equally with a U.S. senator."

Senator Crybaby doesn't understand that we don't need the details - we have a network that has proven to us that they want the same outcome we do...and after their taking actions which prove it for an extraordinary amount of time - we trust.

Are errors made?

Sure - that's the most important part of achieving trust.

When errors are made, the entity or individuals are granted the opportunity to act in good faith to correct the errors - or run the publicity stunts and charades to discredit the truth.

That's the difference between the Chancery, the Bishops - and the Bush Administration - sad to say.

I don't think any of us in the grassroots has to expound upon which is which.

Dobson recently said his endorsement of Miers was founded on "confidential" information he was "privy to" but "not at liberty to talk about," according to the political weblog Ankle Biting Pundits.

Blogs showing our political clout in the face of a media who have ignored those who uphold traditional values. We found our own tools...and they're having trouble pretending we don't have clout:

Some of Salazar's colleagues, however, including Minority Leader Harry Reid, believe calling Dobson before the committee as a hostile witness would be seen as a disastrous public relations stunt that would further alienate the Democrat Party from Christian conservatives.

"We're not going to conduct an Inquisition," one top Hill staffer told the weblog. "Salazar's idea is half-baked."

Half-baked not whole baked.

Speaking of half-baked:

But another Hill staffer said Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Judiciary Committee member, likes the idea and is trying to craft it as a "separation of powers" issue rather than a religious issue.

It might work, Kennedy believes, if Democrats can make it an issue of President Bush withholding information.

Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn. This might get fun.

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