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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, October 30, 2005 :::

Here's an example of Archbishop Sean's Shtick

His name jumps out among the signatures on the declaration of religious support for same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.

Breaking News Alerts: Of the hundreds of clergy from more than a score of religious denominations in the Commonwealth to endorse the fundamental human right of gay people to marry, only the Rev. Robert E. Nee is a Roman Catholic priest.

That's the good thing about cowardice - when push comes to shove they won't sign their names.

Interesting that McNamental called her article "Dissenter Won't Quit".

He doesn't have to - it's all Catholic in the eyes of the Archbishop.

I'm too lazy to go get the exact quote - was something like - "I don't care who signed what documents" long as you "want to help" he said "you're catholic".

If you've sign documents for Planned Parenthood...if you've been psychosexually trained by Larry Kessler's group - it's all well and good - he puts them in charge of training children how to recognize consenual sex.

If you supported the sexual ideology of Walter Cuenin - he recruits you to give him counsel on how to educate Catholic children.

(Incidently - Jack Connors appointment was made in April - he hid it until there's no wiggle room to say he didn't know...he knew..that's why he hid it.)

None of it will quash dissent, he says. ''Every member of the clergy and the laity has a right and a responsibility to speak the truth as we know it.." says Nee.

Clever description of speaking that which contradicts the Magisterium....otherwise known as lies.

The 60-year-old priest, a native of Jamaica Plain and a product of Boston's parochial schools, is spending this semester at Harvard Divinity School. His sabbatical from his post as chaplain at Children's Hospital is entirely voluntary, he is quick to note. He is studying gender and moral theology,

But if he messed with a nickel of the Archbishops - he'd be let's not say there's no discipline on what's important to Cathedra of Boston.

''We have a support group for priests," says Father Nee, who also signed the letter seeking Law's removal. ''The Boston Priest Forum is not dead yet."

But every family who wants their children to hear the truth is in exile from their parishes.

Nothing but "vibrant" blueheads.

Christ has removed them from their leadership. Most are simply not going to Mass. Those of us who are fueled by keeping our souls in a state of grace - and fueling with the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ Jesus - are most carefully selecting our venues...we avoid the others.

Let them be anthema.

''but the only science that gets acknowledged by the church is the science that was available to Augustine. It is terribly sad to think of the pain these children will suffer if the church prevails...."

The recognition of our sinfulness...the denials...the confessions when we fall...the pain and suffering...the tears...

Salvation doubt about it.

I'd like to know - who is paying Nee while he sits down in Provincetown seeking the pleasures the Roman Catholic Church denies him..wouldn't you?

There may be some wisdom to letting laity take over who gets paid what - don't you think?

Let Castaldi and VOTF do the dirty work - and then storm what they've set up to give out the pay according to who says and who's doing what?

Might not be such a bad idea after all.

Gotsa work with what you got - - and to them, it's all about the money.

While he is at Harvard he hopes to interest sociologists in examining the fallout for the 58 Boston-area priests who called on Cardinal Bernard F. Law to resign in 2002 for his failure of leadership during the clergy sexual-abuse crisis.

I think we're all quite interested to know how many fell out into Provincetown looking for the leadership they couldn't get from Law.

There's plenty of what the 58 are looking for down there. It's not dead yet...that's for sure.

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