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Friday, October 14, 2005 :::

The Gargoyles(Mary Frawley Lolly Gail Agnes Tallulla O'Dea, et al) vs. the Bishops

It irritates me the way the feminists always have five or six names...and then they capitalize it - MFGOD or MGFOD...or whatever it is.

I always want to say... Lady, give it up. Your name is Mary O'Dea.

I got an email earlier today from one of our loyal priests in the diocese (who is not going to be too happy about my post on the dunce caps and rubber noses)...but anyhow....

I have a few thoughts about where we all are right now...and I think it's a good introduction to making you read what I think.


I have good friend in Christ who once, when I was spitting mad about the a childis & inane post on other conservative blog, said - hey face it - you bloggers (or anyone who writes)all have egos....your whole shtick think people want to read what you think.'s what he wrote:

Scary, shocking to me how many of your readers side with the church hating mfod; you did a good job of slapping them on the wrist, keeping it that sean et alia are far from perfect, but they are the bishops appointed by the holy spirit that we must work with (not kowtow to) I agree with the responder who said she could be found at Halloween in salem. Remember, sentire cum ecclesia, and yes, the local ecclesia centers around the bishop, who needs to be educated, confronted, prodded of course, but not slandered. They are doing their best, however unsuccessful their best might be.

Listen...I know what you're thinking...but...the sad facts are....the man is right.

I'm not going to join forces with the Klu Klux Klan in unity with them, against the Bishops just because they might share our philosophy that Bishops are stupid.

Let's go back to a couple of years ago - - when Don Quixote came to town...

...there he was...thinking he had a genius plan.

Let's review it....

He would make believe that VOTF/Call to Action/Planned Parenthood folks and those of us who adhere to the ideology & theology in the Catechism - were equal. He appoints all the dissenters to witness that the Holy Spirit rejects the Catechism....feeds the flock the apostacy - - and tells the rest of us we're all going to come together now "in unity" with them.

We raise the Bernadin's "seamless garment" shtick on high and tell him to take a hike.

He thinks we're bluffing....and in's all going to work out.

He keeps on telling us to put our families into the Cardinal Bernadin's counterfeit church...which he is executing.

We fight harder.

This goes on for two years.

Finally - one day - he wakes up and looks around him - - and realizes the mess he has made...and we start to see some some indications that he may be changing the tack of asking the nutty gargoyle women, the proaborts and dissenters to round up his flock, teach them - - and give him counsel on "what is truth".

I just think....all of us have post-traumatic stress...all of us. We all have to take that into consideration when we look over the past.

...seeing the sophias foaming at the mouth - - is an extra special treat....

The Bishops are still under the bed....but it sure would be a nice ending to see us all on one side and the gargoyles on the other.

Time will tell...but let's not any one of us - - get along with shrinks who played a major role (and continues to) in advocating for sexual dissenters.

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