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Carol M. McKinley

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 :::

From the National Catholic Reporter:

The “anonymous gay priest” is getting a lot of attention lately.

Gay priests are celibate. Or at least as celibate as their straight counterparts, and that message is not getting out there.

If that is true - you made your own bed - now lie in it.

No pun intended.

The reason why the "message" is not "getting out there" is because of the "message" you are all delivering to the rest of us encouraging adultery from the Ambo.

Had the words coming out of their mouths been about "celibacy" - - this wouldn't be an issue.

A lot of my parishioners have asked what I think about the document. I feel a little uncomfortable because this is not a big issue for me -- I’ve never read any books on gay spirituality. A lot of critics say that gay priests see themselves as gay first, which is bulls**t.

Could that be because nobody has seen the Catechism in their parish for 40 years?

We want our religion back.

From where I stand right now -- if that document banning gay priests comes out, then I would have to come out too. It would be a matter of conscience. I don’t know how I could defend not coming out and keeping silent.

Like they do with Humanae Vitae as children get decapitated at Planned Parenthood?

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