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Thursday, October 20, 2005 :::

Cry me A RIVER

Larry Kessler and Rosa Buffoon are indignant.

''It just feels like once again we have a diocese that absolutely refuses to be transparent," said Larry Kessler, a member of the parish council. ''People are feeling really hurt, angry, enraged, and some of them are leaving."

Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty Free at last.

Bring out Humanae Vitae and let's teach our children in peace.

The minutes of the meeting were posted on the parish's website. Two members of the parish council, who were present at the meeting and spoke to the Globe yesterday, confirmed Coyne's remarks.

(More news about the Globe here...the authentic Catholics in Boston who are boycotting are choking them!)

These bully frauds posing as 'catholics' have decided Bishops are no longer allowed to discuss replacing priests whose assignments are over.

Cuenin had hoped to remain at Our Lady Help of Christians Parish. He told parishioners that in February, aware that his second term at the parish was expiring in June, he had asked for a third term. He told parishioners throughout the summer that he was hopeful he would be reinstated.

Something stinks with this story.

Cuenin must have was known in the inner circles of inner cirles for months before it all came down. Priests on Cuenin's side were throwing their weight around under the radar...trying to bully everyone into the decision to extend Cuenin's fraudulent fiefdom. They tried to put the kibosh on having Fr. Chris Coyne appointed...actually slowed up the process.. In fact....I thought for sure they would be victorious.

Are we supposed to believe that some of the antichrists acting on behalf of their father wearing a Roman collar didn't tell Walter?

Come now!!!

Why doesn't the Globe make phone calls to Cuenin's Cuddly Companions and ask them what they knew and when they knew it. Ask them when Walter knew it.

Some parishioners at Our Lady have questioned whether Cuenin's removal was punishment for his suggestion that his parishioners march in Boston's annual gay pride parade in June. That suggestion drew criticism from other Catholics, who complained to the archdiocese.

In response to one of those complaints, Bishop Richard G. Lennon, the vicar general of the archdiocese, wrote in a letter dated July 8, 2005, that O'Malley was ''very disturbed by the information that you, along with others, have sent to him regarding this event and the involvement of Father Cuenin."

''He wishes to assure you that he is in the process of addressing this whole matter," the letter said.

Meanwhile (as luck would have it) the financial accountability Cuenin and his antichurch vigilantes had been clamoring for...hit pay dirt for the rest of us.

Go figure.

''Just as a friend, as a priest, why not tell Walter?" she said. ''Walter doesn't get the courtesy of an update, but Coyne gets to know that he's coming to our parish?"

Poor Fr. Coyne...they tripped him up.

What was he supposed to say?

Walter knew?

Let's keep Fr. Coyne in our prayers....

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