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Monday, October 10, 2005 :::

Church encircled by 200 seeking return of pastor

As my grandmother used to say right before she'd drop some bad news....

"Don't get excited"

The Globe says that Fr. Chris Coyne "criticized the way the removal was handled and pledged to find out how and why it happened"...and moments later - they all ran outside Our Lady Help of Christians, surrounded the building and started screaming ''Reinstate Walter! Exonerate Walter!"

Makes it look like Fr. Chris Coyne was the guest speaker to rally up the troops against himself and the Chancery.

The story goes on:

But many parishioners, still fuming over Cuenin's removal, said that would not be easy for Coyne.

''We want to collaborate with anybody that will work with us to keep our parish strong, but we have to move forward on a basis of justice," said parishioner Margaret Roylance after chanting for Cuenin's return. ''We welcome [Coyne] as a priest, although the process by which he was sent to us and the process by which Father Cuenin was removed was unacceptable and unjust and we can't move forward on that basis."

She thinks she's going to put the kibosh on moving along without Walter......HOW?

''Many want further explanation of what has happened and why," said Coyne, who was Law's spokesman, during the homily. ''I promise to work with the parish pastoral council, the parish, and you to try and get an accurate explanation, as much as can be possible."

Call this a hunch - - Could it be that Fr. Coyne having his finger on the pulse and watching Donilon make an ass out of the Magisterium over the money - may feel it would be more helpful than not to submit to the flock more info on Walter should it come to that?

Coyne sparked loud and sustained applause and some parishioners rose in their pews when he said of Cuenin's removal, ''Much was handled poorly." After parishioners quieted down, Coyne said, ''I hear you loud and clear."

Before Mass, Coyne, tall and affable and dressed in green vestments, stood in the church's foyer and greeted parishioners. Many politely shook his hand and said hello. A few gave him hugs.

Meanwhile....All's well that ends well.

One man held Coyne's hand in his and told him the archdiocese was tearing apart the church's fabric. Coyne told the man he would listen and learn and gain his trust through his actions.

''My interest is this community," Coyne said. ''I am a man of my word."

That he is.

Here's the problem:

Our Lady's Friends, a nonprofit group that was started after Cuenin's removal, organized the protest. About 200 parishioners held hands and formed a circle around the church. Members said they planned to meet Wednesday to weigh their next move, though they said they would repeat the demonstration after every Sunday Mass and until the archdiocese reinstates Cuenin.

''We want him reinstated, because the way he was removed was dishonest and they besmirched his name," parishioner Joan Scully Metz said after Mass. ''And we don't intend to stop until that happens."

Check out their website....which is being headed up by a woman who is civilly married to another woman - outside the Sacraments of the Church - - and practices an ancient practice which delivers demonic spirits.


The Mass will go on.
The Sacraments will go on.
Everything will go on.

Knock yourselves out.

''It's not really about Father Coyne," said parishioner Brendan Hannigan. ''It's about Father Cuenin.

God is completely left out of the equation...symptoms of victims of a cult leader.

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