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Carol M. McKinley

Sunday, October 23, 2005 :::

Archbishop Sean P. O'Malley, seeking to revive the struggling Catholic school system in Greater Boston, has chosen one of the most prominent critics of archdiocesan leadership, business power broker Jack Connors Jr., to oversee a new effort to revitalize parochial education.

Is this a joke?!

Connors is a well-known schismatic. Why would you put him in charge of Roman Catholic education?

Unless, of course, this is the Roundtable leadership in execution (which it is)

Put the people with the money in charge of the chancery and put the schismatics in charge of educational formation.

It's in place here in Boston.

But each has been highly critical of archdiocesan leadership following the clergy sexual abuse crisis, and each has continued to publicly voice occasional disagreements with the archdiocese even while advising O'Malley: Meade and Connors have been particularly critical of O'Malley's ouster of a popular Newton priest, the Rev. Walter H. Cuenin,

The good news is.....we can save other diocese by holding up Sean's formal schism and telling our good Bishops to run like the wind.

Connors is the third outspoken layman chosen by O'Malley to head a panel reviewing church practices.

Even Paulson is onto it...but there's much more than three. He's got a proaborts, sexually malformed laity & women who practice pagan rituals in charge of brainwashing children about how to consent to sexual arousal.

This couldn't be any more depraved.

Excuse me for my momentary lapse of niavete last week.

You were all correct - the Bishop here is a fraud and is doing the dirty work of Hehir and the Roundtable. What he did to Walter was about the "money" - nothing more - just like he said.

How stupid of us to think otherwise.

Everyone face front and pull down your barf bags - because here's what he had to say about assigning heretics and apostates:

''Everybody is a Catholic who wants to be on board and wants to help the church," he said. ''There is no blacklist here. I don't know who signed what document, and I don't care. That is history. Every day we are called to conversion, to renewal, to support the mission of the church, and if people love their church and want to support it, they should come forward and do so."

Catholics for Free Choice, Planned Parenthood Catholics, mosey on down to Lake Street and help them out. Everybody is a Catholic. He doesn't care what documents you sign on your free time. If you signed A Time for the Pope to Come
- he doesn't care

If you sign up for children's condom program with Larry Kessler, he doesn't care. In fact, he has spefiically assigned people formed by Larry to teach safe sex to children. He doesn't care.

''Now we have a sense of urgency that we didn't have 15 years ago," he said. ''We're really anxiously awaiting the work of these consultors to see what we need to do to save Catholic education, to improve it, and to make it available to as many children as possible."

Gone are the days when he consulted with luck would have it, everyone in his new system is in opposition to Roman counsel. But, as he said, he doesn't care!

Just because they are psychosexually malformed, that's no reason to exclude them from telling him how to form the sexual discernment of children. He doesn't care!

He doesn't care.

Truer words were never spoken.

Interesting though - he does care when those of us point out the sexually malformed and schismatic ideology of the people he choses to consult with. He cares enough to run a slander campaign against us...operated by his lackeys.

The system is clearly struggling with multiple challenges. Catholic priests no longer tell families they are obliged to send their children to Catholic schools, and the anti-Catholicism that once drove Catholics to Catholic schools has largely vanished from the public schools.

Well - the good news is - the trajectory of the Archbishop is out of the closet...he's going with the schism.

That is the end of that story.

There is just too much evidence in the paper trail to ever think anything else. Quite frankly, it's sexually dangerous to children to be niave about it.

Grab your kids and run.

Did you ever think we'd see the day when Madonna, the singer Madonna, would be more in the truth than the Archbishop of Boston?

It's like putting cocroaches on the billboard for your restaurant and wonder why nobody is coming inside to eat.
Carry on gentleman!

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