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Monday, October 24, 2005 :::

Apparently some blogosociopath who hears everyone whispering inside of his head...has the pins in his National Catholic Reporter Voodoo Voodoo Dolly with my name on it.

People have sent me links from time to time when he goes after folks from EWTN, Bush Administration, etc., I'm rather enchanted that he's taken the time to burn out a few cerebral cells mischaracterizing me as a pseudo-Catholic as I'm on what I consider to be holy ground I don't have the right to share with people he mischaracterizes. (that's what you get when you park your boots with the John Allen/Amy Wellborn crowd).

Anyhoo - I don't read his blog - - but judging by the link sent to me today imputing that we should all be happy with the American Bishops, his blog is about his euphoria with their conduct of the American Bishops? He's as proud as a peacock, I would suspect.

You bet your booty we're angry here in Boston. Our children are being trafficked into the hands of predators with the imprumatur of the Bishop (or lack of caring about dissent and sexually malformed ideology, it's all Catholic if you want to help administration)...our good priests are being tormented by his administration - all in the name of St. Francis.

So yeah, I get all worked off the handle from time to time.

I get a boot out of people who read my blog and think they have an inside scoop to my personality or how I conduct my affairs in my personal contacts..etc. From time to time, I'll get people who want to tell me all about myself! It's a hoot, really.

Sometimes...I'll get people who want to assign themselves as my personal spiritual advisors based upon what they read on my blog...thinking they know me.


I'm no shriking violet...but just the same...98% of the time, there's a smile on my face...and I'm joking and laughing (even when I'm whining and angry and frustrated).

Sometimes, I'm surprised when somebody cues right in on me...and pings my weaknesses - something I'm struggling with - - gives me counsel that makes sense to me (knowing myself, spending a great deal of time examining my conscience). I let those people in.

I have many people who I let into my inner circle. People whom I work with on local, national, international levels... who have blessed my life..brought me joy, wisdom, friendship, spiritual advice, counsel, love.

Who you are, you can see in your reflection in their eyes...and that's the only thing that matters in life. The Roccos of this world are blips on the screen..insigificant in how we see ourselves if you have a healthy and stable intellect and personality...that is.

A kindhearted gentleman, good man, emailed me this morning about his anger....saying he couldn't confess it because he wasn't if anger was some kind of a bad thing.

Anger isn't sinful - because we know Christ executed and continues to execute His Wrath. I get a good dose of rage when I see good people like that exploited. When people like Rocco want to instill a sense of flawed discernment on eliciting and expressing righteous anger...making it ugly.

Rocco one of those Catholics who sat around for the last 40 years looking for reasons to be downright giddy...ignorant of the facts...and throwing spitballs at Mommies and Daddies fighting Planned Parenthood and the proabort feminists?

Maybe some Chancery will employ him in good time and he can get paid like the rest of them who do it for the Bishops.

Heck, I'd like to see him make a vocation out of it.

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