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Saturday, January 03, 2004 :::

Some news from...


Next meeting, Monday, January 5, 7:30 p.m. (in St. Eulalia's Parish

The focus of our meeting will be on our working groups:

Supporting survivors -- completing work on VOTF Christmas Card Project,and working on new projects

That must be the 100 dollars that the 14 parishes of people collected in the last year.

Supporting priests of integrity

Incidently, do we know who these are and the criteria for accusing them of having integrity?

Last definition was priests who had the courage to stand up and defy the teachings of the Church. I wonder if that is still the criteria.

Structural Change will meet in three sub-groups, focusing on: 1) Parish
Councils -- reviewing document prepared by Hingham VOTF on parish

2) Advocating VOTF's positions -- focusing on upcoming parish
closings in Archdiocese

3) Parish Safety Committees

We will also be selecting a representative to the newly created Boston VOTF Council.

In addition, you will be able to purchase David Gibson's book, "The Coming Catholic Church: How the Faithful Are Shaping a New American
Catholicism", for just $15, in anticipation of his appearance before our group on January 26.

Structural changes defined and shaped by the councils of VOTF. I bet we could get an earful on the "coming catholic church" at Winchester.

Incidently, are these the councils that VOTF claims the Archbishop is working with them on?


Refreshments will be served immediately after the meeting.

We hope you will be able to join us.

Keep the Faith. Change the Church.

Everybody who hasn't renewed their Consecration under St. Louis DeMontefort - get going!

Gird your loins and prepare for the battle.

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Less than 1100 cared enough about Voice of the Foolish to vote in their election

Dear Friends,

The Election Committee is pleased to announce that Voice of the Faithful
has successfully completed its first national election — open to all
registered members - for the officers of the organization. The results of
the election are presented below.

Office Candidate Votes New Officer

President: Jim Post (MA) Uncontested

The Jester tried for the forward pass and was "uncontested".

Vice President: 1,048 votes cast
Gaile Polhaus (PA) 34%

Bob Strong (MA) 23%

Kris Ward (OH) 43%

Secretary/Clerk: 1,021 votes cast
Betsy Conway, CSJ (MA) 57%

Anne Southwood (MA) 43%

Treasurer: 1,026 votes cast
Ann Carroll (MA) 52%

Ken Forton (MA) 48%

Highest ballot count was 1048...out of "30,000"!

Only 1100 people in the entire world cared enough to cast a vote - despite all their email urging them to "participate".

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Archbishop told to skeedaddle in Burindi

The shocking murder of the Apostolic Nuncio to Burundi has been followed up by a call for Archbishop Simon Ntamwana of Burundi to find somewhere else to live. The call has been made by National Liberation Forces after the Archbishop had accused them of being responsible for the murder of Monsignor Michael Courtney.

They are liberating their country of Catholicism too.

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Friday, January 02, 2004 :::


"Fatima to Become Inter-faith Shrine"
headlined the Nov. 1 online dispatch of English-language Portugal News.

In the report, the rector of the shrine, Monsignor Luciano Gomes Paulo Guerra, says, "The future of Fatima, or the adoration of God and his mother at this holy shrine, must pass through the creation of a shrine where different religions can mingle."


If people of other faiths come to Fatima - they are mingling there already and respecting a Roman Catholic Holy Shrine.

I guess the Rector there got a lot of phone calls. So, he sent this out to clarify:

The rector clarifies: "God willing, a religious space, will begin to be constructed very shortly, and though it is the presumption of some journalists that it will resemble a stadium, it will in fact be a church, with seating for 9,000; it will be exclusively destined to be a place of Catholic worship, located not next to the current basilica, but between the Cruz Alta and a national road and, when opportune, ... can receive pilgrims of other convictions who wish to fraternally partake in our way of prayer."

It could just be that it will be a worship space that will not have a Sanctuary or the Presence.... so they can jump start conversions by having a worship space to give people a free trial at Catholic worship?

In any event, Fr. Gruner, who has lost his faculties, apparently caused some angst by arriving at their convention and passing out flyers.

The conference to which Father Guerra refers was held Oct. 10-12 and sponsored by the Sanctuary of Fatima, entitled, "The Present of Man -- The Future of God: The Place of Sanctuaries in Relation to the Sacred."

The future of God...The place of sanctuaries in relation to the Sacred.

I am reserving judgment on this one.

Could be a wonderful way to foster conversions...but could also mean trouble.

Count me out of figuring this one out - I am a product of 12 years of nuns who wouldn't let us look at a Protestant church when we went by it. In fact, they never taught us a thing about the Protestant faith. Not a thing. Other than to say - they are separated and we are to pray for them.

I don't want to say their prayers. If they want to join us in saying our prayers..that is wonderful.

Watering our faith down so as not to offend other faiths I can't be anywhere near.

Conferees included Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; Cardinal José da Cruz Policarpo, patriarch of Lisbon; Bishop Silva; Father Jacques Dupuis, professor of theology at Rome's Gregorian University; and Monsignor Guerra.

On the third day of the conference the floor was opened to representatives of Hindu, Buddhist, Judaic and Islamic religions. Orthodox and Anglican representatives also spoke.

During the conference no mention was made of the construction of a new shrine.

When I recently spoke to Archbishop Fitzgerald in Rome, he said he was surprised that the news of the building had caused such consternation.

"As far as I know, there are no plans that the building is designed specifically for inter-faith purposes," the archbishop said. "We recognize that Fatima is a place of pilgrimage for many religions." But he added that the shrine nonetheless retains its Catholic identity.

The Monsignor needs to come to Boston and we can take him on a tour of why people are getting wiggy. We have priests who think they can hand out the Eucharist to non-Catholics. Could be a nightmare if a 'nice guy' priest ever gets a hold of the shrine or gets his foot in the door.

The rector of the shrine contends that the Fatima apparitions were exhortations to ecumenical dialogue.


So far so good.

His statement says that the Virgin Mary knew that her choice of the site in Portugal would one day be understood as a deliberate association with the daughter of the Islamic prophet Mohammed (whose name was Fatima).


What's that smell.

Monsignor Guerra further suggests that in the Fatima apparitions there are "at least two implicit calls to the exercise of the spirit of dialogue with persons of other convictions."

In the first and third apparitions, he said, the Angel of Peace lies prostrate on the ground in prayer. In the third apparition, Communion under the species of bread is given to the oldest seer, while the two younger, Francisco and Jacinta, receive Communion for the first time under the species of the wine.

That is a big huge leap there Padre...and I am not sure where he is going with it.

The reason why the Angel did not give the Sacred Species to the older child was due to the fact that the child was not in a state of Grace from my understanding of the apparition.

The apparition if anything defends the necessity to be in a state of Grace.

I think we better concentrate on teaching Catholic's their faith before we bring in others...otherwise we are going to be watered down in the melting pot of confusion.

This thing could be all twisted up due to journalistic malfeasance.

We will have to wait and see what transpires.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2003 :::

This is a very serious thing taking place over at Walter's.

It is the God-consciousness called Rei that guides the life force called Ki in the practice we call Reiki. Therefore, Reiki can be defined as spiritually guided life force energy. This is a meaningful interpretation of the word Reiki. It more closely describes the experience most people have of it; Reiki guiding itself with its own wisdom, and being unresponsive to the direction of the practitioner. Reiki claims to channel a universal energy, or life force, through the practitioner into the one seeking healing, in order to balance and enhance their own "life force."

Reiki is a special kind of life force that can only be channeled by someone that has been attuned to it. It is possible that some people are born with Reiki or have gotten it some other way. However, most healers who have not received the Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master are not using Reiki but another kind of life force. Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source. The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are channeled into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the Reiki or God consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of each student. The attunement is also attended by Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process. Many report having mystical experiences involving personal messages, healings, visions, and past life experiences. The attunement can also increase psychic sensitivity. Students often report experiences involving: opening of the third eye, increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement.”

Neither “healing” nor “energy,” Reiki is actually a form of Tantric magic[1] studied by Usui during a prolonged Buddhist retreat and fast during which time he reportedly studied Buddhist Tantric texts (see English language section of the internet web page, BUDDHIST ORIGINS OF REIKI).

Tantra has its origin in tantric yoga, in which sexual “energy” is manipulated for a variety of purposes – from seeking a magical union of lovers to attaining “union” with God or with the “Supreme Self” (see TANTRIC BUDDHISM IN INDIA. Tantric yoga involves secret practices and ceremonial rituals including group sex. Lovers visualize each other as “manifestations” of the male or female aspect of God and attempt to achieve ecstasy and a melding together of souls with (red tantra) or without (white tantra) physical union.

There is a lot more there - but you get the picture.

I talk a lot about the spiritual forces. Spiritual forces are invisible.

Every single time you go to the Holy Sacrifice on Sunday - you pronounce your belief in the invisible. "I believe in the seen and the unseen".

Whether you are sitting in the pew believing or not doesn't matter. It is real. Very real.

In fact, most of us who chose to spend our lives climbing a spiritual union with Christ, the Trinity...experience the spiritual. The more they climb - the more they experience.

Spirits that are powered by the demonic - Lucifer, Legion, Satan...are a powerful force that tries to mirror the Divine. They use illusions to bait and trap.

If you are not participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confession and your daily life of prayer is not centered around keeping yourself in a state of Grace, the more you open yourself up to the counsel of the demonic.

I try to stay away from places and people who are counseled by demons. You know them by their fruit.

As Roman Catholics, we keep ourselves in a state of Grace and know that we receive the Holy Spirit through the Sacraments. We do so, so that our counsel will rely upon His Spirit.

This does not make us God.

Demonic spirits counsel also. We receive them.

That does not make us satan.

We have to deal with all kinds of deficits. Intellectual deficits, personal flaws...that are sometimes unhelpful to exercising judgment.

Keeping ourselves in a state of Grace reduces the ability of demonic forces to find the weakness and use it to get you to receive him.

Satan is the demonic supreme force, the highest ranking. He has forces underneath him that mock our throne of angelic choirs.

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions,Powers, Virtues, Principaliies, Archangels, Angels.

There are leading angels: St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael and our guardian angels..

St. Michael is the chief commander.

Satan uses his underlings too.

They both give commands and discharge the forces to exercise power.

Get yourself into a state of Grace and keep yourself there.

The devils are rising and counseling Christ's flock...His priests...His Bishops...His Cardinals...His His deacons....His parents..

They are using individuals who have turned their back on Christ's Truth and getting them to teach their drivel.

The Bishops are looking the other way.

It is up to us.

Christ's Church was advanced through twelve fisherman. The lowly. The Maginficat.

Mary told St. Lious de Montefort that she would raise an army. St. Pio promised us that he would wait outside the gate of Heaven until all of Mary's Army was inside. He promised that he would send his angels to any of Mary's army to help them accomplish God's Will.

She has raised her army.

I remember the day of Voice of the un-Faithful's first conference here in Boston.

We had sent our messages through our networks and asked that they join us to pass out flyers in front of the auditorium. We picked a place to meet and had a plan of how we were going to pass out the flyers, alert those going inside to whose counsel was being given through the speakers they had selected to misguide.

Some of us had not met each other, but meet we did in that selected meeting place. We did our job that day and at the end, before departing, somebody suggested that we do the Rosary.

We gathered in a circle in a nave of the chapel at Copley Place. I looked around me and saw everyone digging in their pockets and pocketbooks. Each one pulled out their Rosary beads. Every single one of us, had those beads on us.

In Boston, Christ in the Sanctuary is tormented day and night by the voices mocking Truth, coming right from his own priests. Tonight, over at Walter's, the Archbishop will deliver refuge for one them out.

They will come back with 10,000 more.

Leaving Walter in his state is a sad result of priests and Bishops who know better turning their back on what they see..and calling it "nice".

Having a Bishop send Walter a letter "re-assuring" the people attending Walter's charade - - is misguided in itself.

Reiki and many other blaphemies, demonic counsel, is what Bishop Lennon affirmed. It has got to be reversed.

Truth restored. Christ restored.

What can be done to remove Reiki?:

What can be done to remove Reiki, the most pervasive of popular occult techniques, from Catholic institutions?

1. We can “tear off the veils” of deception through dissemination of this kind of literature. ("I will tear off your veils and rescue my people from your power, so that they shall no longer be prey to your hands. Thus you shall know that I am the Lord." Ezekiel 13:21)

2. We can sponsor true “centers of healing” in hospitals, colleges & retreat houses that include programs in:

* the sacraments of reconciliation;

* Eucharistic adoration in honor of the Holy Face;

* anointing of the sick blessed with prayers to the Holy Face;

* orthodox spiritual direction for those in crisis;

* restoration of those affected by New Age involvement.

We don't leave them in their state by telling them what they are learning is Roman not "dissident".

Neither do we leave the Bishop in his state of distraction.

We have to take courage...leave our reputations to be spat upon..and speak Truth to Bishops who don't want to hear it.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003 :::
The mucky-mucks are running in the red.


Dear Winchester Area VOTF Member,

Set forth below (in full text and attachment) are: 1) a letter from our treasurer, Anna-Marie Ferraro, regarding our financial status. While we have received a few generous gifts since this letter was written in November and distributed at meetings, our financial situation has improved only slightly since then; and 2) a document summarizing our activities in 2003. Your continued support will help to ensure that 2004 is another succesful year for the Winchester Area VOTF.

Best wishes of the holiday season.

Bob Morris

Dear Winchester Area VOTF Member:

A review of our financial status as of 10/31/03 reveals that in the current
year, our expenses have exceeded our income, a situation that cannot be
sustained for long.

Recap for the period 1/1/03 through 10/31/03: (Exclusive of Christmas
Card Projectand Donations to St. Eulalia’s)

General Donations $2317

SNAP Donations 1654

Total 3971

Did SNAP give Winchester VOTF $1654?


Honoraria 700

Printing 1883

Telephone 250

Pot Luck, Coffee House 99

SNAP Contributions 1754

Total 4686

They gave SNAP back the $1654 plus $100?

What does that come down to in a year?

About 8 dollars a month from the whole bunch of them to give to the victims?

Their entire years donations amounted to less than $2400.

About $50 a week..

The Winchester VOTF affiliate has 14 parishes in it.

All fourteen parishes contributed a grand total of $200 a month.

Winchester by the way is one of the wealthiest communites in the RCAB. I lived there for many years.

Deficit -715

Balance on hand 1/1/03 1196

Net balance on hand 10/31/03 481

At this time, any contributions you can make to help sustain our operations would be most welcome. Checks should be made payable to
Winchester Area Voice of the Faithful and may be left in our donation basket at any meeting, or mailed to 50 Ridge St.

Winchester, MA 01890. Cash, of course, is always an option, to be left in the basket.


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Fr. Carr talks about vision

The leaders of a previous generation of priests came from an era where the focus of the Church was mostly on maintaining parish life in all its dimensions.

A holy and new priesthood....kickstarted by a high school with complete fidelity to the teachings of the Church...mobilizing our families and children and procuring vocations to priesthood and to married life that is Sacramental.

Jesus was not a nice guy; he was a zealot, a prophet as well as God himself. We need to pray daily, seek Christ daily and live the sacraments at mass. We need to get back to our roots.

Nice Schmice.

I will take rebuke any day.

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Today's Scripture

Do not love the world or the things of the world.

If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

For all that is in the world, sensual lust, enticement for the eyes, and a pretentious life,
is not from the Father but is from the world.
Yet the world and its enticement are passing away. But whoever does the will of God remains forever.

No getting around that, is there.

Do not love the world.

I was speaking to a friend a few weeks ago, wondering how on earth Richard McBrien, Walter and the sex militants could get around the words written in the Bible.

My friend reminded me of the stark reality - - they do not believe it is the source of Truth.

Everything in it isn't real.

Nor are the Sacraments.

Remember this forward I got from way back when?:

VOTF had roots a little more complicated than they talk about. Go back five years. There were a half dozen priests who had long disagreed with Cardinal Law about a lot of things. They had privately, and a couple of them publicly, dissented from church teaching in several ways: Divorce + remarriage without a declaration of nullity needn't keep a person from the sacraments; you needn't be Catholic to receive Communion - "all God's children are welcome at this table;" if you don't believe that the Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Christ, that's OK, a lot of us are fine with it as a symbol of Christ; and if you
don't believe Christ was God, you have a lot of company - he was a really good man, though and we can learn a lot from him. These statements are well documented from this small group of priests.

One of them, Walter Cuenin, takes the cake. He baptized a guy I know who was a lifelong Mormon. The guy asked for RCIA because he had married a Catholic. Walter replied, "Your upbringing as a good Mormon is all the preparation you need." He baptized him the next Saturday. This same couple were actually married out of the church. They had been married about 12 years and had two kids. Both the man and the woman had been married before, and the woman had not gotten an annulment. After Walter baptized the guy, the couple mentioned how nice it would be to have their marriage blessed by the church. So Walter did that the next Saturday. About four years ago, when Walter was chairman of the interreligious group in the town
where he is pastor, a minister from a Baptist church and a minister from a Methodist church decided to marry each other. Walter performed an "ecumenical marriage ceremony" on the altar at his parish. It was in the local newspaper. As Dave Barry would say, I am not making this up.

When these guys (Cuenin and Co.) spoke publicly citing their creative approaches to Catholic teaching they heard from Cardinal Law in very clear tones. The cardinal didn't make pronouncements in the diocesan newspapers, but he did call the guys in one at a time. (I know two of them.) They were furious. So, summer of 2001, they formed a little trade union they call the Priests' Forum. About 35 priests signed up out of the 1500 diocesan and religious order priests in Boston.

They met to talk about how to resist sanction, how to pressure the cardinal to leave them alone, etc. A couple of them were highly placed in the chancery, and had axes of their own to grind. When the newspapers started feasting on the scandal here in January, they saw their chance. They invited Richard McBrien, a
diocesan priest from Hartford, Connecticut to come and speak. They gathered 70 priests for the occasion, in late February. Richard McBrien wrote a book in ~1984 called, "Catholicism." It was found to contain statements contravening church teaching, and he was asked by the US Bishops to revise subsequent editions. It was printed again two years later and no revision. The bishops issued a statement saying it could not be used in Catholic schools, religious education programs or Catholic colleges. Cardinal Law was one of the bishops who had reviewed the book. The next printing it was revised, but this time went WAY overboard in its bombastic statements, alleging those statements were church teaching. All this time he was using the book in a course he was teaching at Notre Dame. Rome asked him to stop. You get the picture. McBrien had some very unflattering things to say about Cardinal
Law's view of church teaching.

Back to Boston, February 2002. McBrien advised the Priests' Forum not to take the cardinal on directly, but to get a lay arm going and let them carry the ball. He said that the cardinal was vulnerable, but that they would need the public credibility of lay people to nail him and force him out. He suggested
that the lay arm was what was missing when the Chicago priests went after Cody. (Picture comparing the situations!) So three of them formed VOTF with five lay people from St. John's. The lay people were not
aware that they were meant to underpin the priest group. Now the Priests' Forum claims its purpose is to take care of priests who are being battered by the scandal. Specifically, they are meeting today to get advice
from canon and civil lawyers on how to protect themselves if they are accused. Here's the rub: They state that priests must not be removed until allegations are conclusively proven. In a twist of irony, Rome is pretty much saying the same thing. Victim support groups are saying they should be removed if there is a credible allegation. (note the distinction) Cardinal Law has implemented a policy saying that as well, with reinstatement if the allegations are shown to be groundless. So, VOTF has
to decide whether it's going to go with the victims or with the priests. For now, it has decided to take its usual stance and say nothing. There is a schism forming within VOTF on this. The priests who started both groups are on one side with some lay people, and a lot of the lay people at the helm of VOTF are on theother. It's a mess.

Finally, a friend of mine posed these questions he would like answered at the Priests' Forum meeting:

How many of you guys knew about abuse over the course of the past 40 years and said nothing to the perpetrator, nothing to the victim and nothing to the then-archbishop? How many of you could be accused but it hasn't happened yet? Something tells me that neither of those questions will get answered by the Priests' Forum, and neither will be posed by the Boston Globe. So, it's nice to get back to thinking about the pumpkin. Teaching young ones in religious ed really makes the bitterness of the whole mess here dissipate. Just don't let the diviseness we have here get started in Chicago. Encourage people to speak up through the channels in place. Encourage them to write to their bishop, their pastor or whomever, but to act responsibly without a hidden agenda. There are many changes underway in Boston, none of which have originated with VOTF or the Priests' Forum. VOTF is splintered, the Priests' Forum is more concerned with protecting priests than with protecting children, and the cardinal is doing a credible job of making changes. I don't think anyone would have believed any of that eight months ago.

Everyone is asking why on earth would Walter put such a wacko message in his bulletin for the Archbishop to encounter on New Year's Eve?

Well - there are all kinds of hypotheses. I believe the man has gotten away with so much -- and in the face of it all -- the Boston Globe printed a letter describing Bishop Richard Lennon's "reassurance" for Walter's apostolate. He has been reassured.

Why would he expect the Archbishop to be upset about anything he says when he has been so publicly defiant about Church teachings with no consequence?

He has been posing as a Roman Catholic priest for decades...set to mislead the poor innocents to their spiritual death and damnation.

He and his people do not believe any of it. They don't believe for a minute that the angels will carry them away to be burned like chaff in the fire of Hell.

No Hell for them.

No Hell for any of us.

I think Walter is so affirmed by the Archdiocese in what he is teaching - that he purposely put it in there, because he feels that the Archbishop is misleading and he intentionally put it in with the hope that some of the young adults who will come to pray for life would have an "epiphany" when they read his guidance.

I think he hopes Bishop O'Malley has an epiphany.

Perverting the pro-lifers.

I don't think Walter understands that his bait has no power to deceive us.

Some people are boycotting the event and writing to the AB telling him so and why.

The Episcopals have their cross of the Robinson affair....and we have our own cuckoockachoo.

Another friend called me last night...and he thinks it is important to go there, pray for and with the AB and when all is said and done, thank him for what he has done already, then hand him the bulletin and ask him to ask him if he supports what is written there...ask him what he is going to do about the mess at Walter's.

I am going to try and make it there. Three hours of worship and then returning in the AM to the Cathedral to serve at the Mass with the AB is a lot to ask children...and I have never spent a New Years Eve away from my children. We make it a family evening...go to First Night, walk around Boston, see the fireworks.

I am trying to map out how I can accomplish getting both done and be reasonable about what to expect the children to participate in and enjoy both the prayer and worship and the celebration of First Night.

It is my friends feeling that it is a perfect opportunity to gently prod the AB to start to clean up McBrien's puddle of muck. His prolife community going to the center of the storm - praying and protecting God's children from all the predators leading them into temptation and peril....asking the AB to do the same.

I am off to the Boston Pops today with the children and some friends that I have not seen in over a year.

Have a great day

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Monday, December 29, 2003 :::
They took away his magic stick and pentagram

“If it has spells in it, I’m not allowed to have it,” Risenburg said in the lawsuit.

Diehl counters Risenburg’s magic is a form of intimidation that can be used against other prisoners and guards.

“His tarot cards, oils, pentagrams and books all have spells in them,” Diehl said in a telephone interview. “He was trying to cast spells with his pentagrams, and he even made his own magic wand.”

Yep - it is real. If you ask the devil for power and surrender to him, he will give it to you.

The only way to combat the spells is with Sacraments and Sacramentals and prayer. Otherwise they can literally blind you.

This is some of what is happening here in Boston.

The center of the filled with principalities and powers.

The devil is a crafty spirit.

Padre Pio admitted that the devil would come to him as the Blessed Virgin in apparition...and he had a hard time telling the difference.

I love this part:

Diehl said Risenburg filed a grievance this week when carolers from a local church sang merrily in between cellblocks.

“He went into his cell to try to keep from hearing God songs,” Diehl said.

The opposing powers cannot bear to be in each other's company. They literally will cause you to become agitated.

When you are in a state of Grace - that agitation is a warning signal.

St. John of the Cross spoke of it.

I pay attention to agitation when I am around it. That signal that something isn't right. The smell.

Here St. John speaks of how spiritual forces work. Each side uses people to persuade those around them.

God prefers that persons come to Him with the aid of other men rather than alone.The director's own humanity enables him to guide another to God according to the law of Christ and human reason. And this guidance is rooted primarily in the relationship between the director and directee, for God is present in this relationship clarifying and confirming divine truths in both their hearts.

This is why it is so important that the people we "listen to" are those who are being directed by the Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to then go and teach others what we have learned.

Although a man may consider this knowledge certain and true, as we pointed out, and be unable to cast off that passive interior assent, he must not, on account of this conviction, fail to believe and give the assent of reason to the instructions and commands of his spiritual director, even if they are extremely contrary to what he feels (de creer y dar el consentimiento de la razon a lo que le dijere y mandare su maestro espiritual [aunque sea muy contrario a aguello que siente]). In this way, one will be led by faith to the divine union, for a soul must journey to it more by believing than by understanding.

Faith surpasses understanding. We will never understand mystery.

The spirit guiding the individuals in VOTF, the Priests Forum - - must be judged by how they are teaching to interpret...who are the individuals providing clarification.

Peace is a nice word. Those who try to impart "peace" to us - have a method and a mission by which they have come to their peace.

At the bottom of the peace, under all of the intellectual processing and feelings...lies the spiritual force controlling the soul.

One side has control. You deliver that control to it by the choices you make.

You subordinate your soul...and once the spirit has control - - it becomes agitated by other forces which are going to disturb that peace. They can sense the confrontation coming from a mile away and these sensations provoke feelings.

Mortal actions mingle with forces that are either Divine or evil.

People provoked by evil are at peace. In fact most evil is entertaining, fun. That is the draw. I don't know anyone who was led into temptation who saw the face of who was behind it...what force was driving their motivations, convictions, feelings.

People who get caught into the trap of evil in retrospect will say "they thought" or "they felt". Feelings and thoughts cannot be the conduit for how we make our chioces.

This is why Roman Catholics who are practicing their faith use their feelings and thoughts and weigh them against the Source of Truth...the Deposit of Faith, Catechism, encyclicals of Our Popes.

Sometimes peace comes with pretending people can't see. They do not jeopordize their comfort and routine...relationships which they desire, positions in their community which they do not want to surrender to truth....and so they go along with charades or pretend they can't see them...or have no power over them. The Bishops want us to be at peace.

I have sat before them bringing the conflict...and they examine it...and examine it..and examine it...while evil eats up Christ's souls they are paralyzed...they see our journey to preach reptentance, and the Crucfix it brings...and they don't want us to go there. We are disturbing their peace.

"Love the devil--be at peace with his ideas and listen to his counsel--call that counsel Roman Catholic.

Be at peace"

We are a peace. But this isn't over. It will never be over until the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth is presented as official Catholic teaching in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Until then, there is no treatise of foundation.

When we watch EWTN, we are at peace.

When we read CRISIS Magazine, we are at peace.

When we hear the teachings in the Catechism, we are at peace.

When we see the Bishops placing leaders to misguide, assault, and pervert our children, we are not at peace.

This is a spiritual impossibility...for the two forces. Only those whom Christ has spit out of His mouth - the lukewarm, neither hot nor cold - can be at peace.

Peace, peace, when there is no peace.

We do not ask a woman to live with her husband and be at peace while he abuses their children.

When one of my children comes to me and tells me that they are a victim of injustice by the actions of their sibling...I do not discharge the matter and ask them all to be at peace.

I examine the facts, and restore peace by righting the wrong and remedying the injustice. I don't hold mock tribunals to perpetuate the injustice for months, or years or decades...and ask the child to be at peace during the charade.

The charade is a way of procrastinating my crucifixion in the desire that the fight take place without my being involved in the altercation. I can sleep in peace while they hand wrestle..until somebody caves in....and the victor emerges.

This is not Christ's Church - this is a Roman coliseum.

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Al Qaeda plans turn to the sea

I don't think these threats are causing the terror they would like it to cause.

We have become immune.

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Pope Laments Misunderstood Rights

Pope John Paul today said the true nature of marriage and family is being distorted by what he calls "a misunderstood sense of rights." The pope says marriage is a "human" and "divine" gift that society has to defend.

He also noted that Christmas is a time to remember the "holy family" of Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

I bet he would enjoy Walter's bulletin.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003 :::
Progress in the trenches

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta will not allow a support group for victims of the church's sex abuse scandal to meet on church grounds.

Archbishop John Donoghue told the Voice of the Faithful's Atlanta chapter that they also can't advertise in the archdiocese's newspaper because he doesn't believe the group's goals match church teachings.

He read the goods.

Wait until Deal's latest issue hits the mailboxes.

Members of the Atlanta chapter are "hurt and very disappointed that our bishop would prevent us from using the church," said John Dearie,

You can use the church all you want. You just can't bring in the voices to misguide the Bishop's faithful.

"The archbishop knows as well as we do that Catholics talk about these things all the time," Dearie said. "It's kind of absurd to tell us we don't have a right to talk about these things."

Talk away Dearie. At the end of the talk, the moderator has to teach what the Pope tells us to teach.

Thanks to Pat Sweeney of Extreme Catholic for the link

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By the way - the Pilot is off this week.

I was speaking to a friend this week about the picture of the Archbishop sitting in the AIM classes beside the priestess Susan Troy, and the BCTV show with David Zizik who reported his progress in the AIM Program.

David is working with Mary Jo Bane. Remember her goal?

"We really don't know how to raise children. If we want to talk about equality of opportunity for children, then the fact that children are raised in families means there's no equality. ... In order to raise children with equality, we must take them away from families and communally raise them."

more sentiment here:

"Both Simone de Beauvoir and Vivian Gornick explicitly call for removing women's "choice" to be a homemaker. Two women forcefully call for "the abolition of marriage" and "the end of the institution of marriage." And Mary Jo Bane advocates the removal of children from their mothers and fathers."

Think she could be up at AIM too?

Maybe she is on the secret Rizzutto committee and is too busy?

Why don't we ask Enrique to make a new weekly feature - take a picture a week of people taking AIM courses?

That way, we can see the other members of Call to Action, Women Church, Dignity, We are Church getting trained to be our new leaders.

I was telling a national journalist... and he thought we would get a much better idea of what is going wrong if take pictures of who is teaching up there.

We could call the feature - the AIMityville Horror.

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ADDENDUM: The priest would only give me his last name. Was a visiting priest and I will have to all the office in the AM to find out who it was - when I do, I will fill in the blanks.

December 28, 2003

Rev Brian Mahoney
Office for Liturgy and Worship
Archdiocese of Boston
2121 Commonwealth Avenue
Brighton, MA

I attended with my daughter a wedding ceremony on December 27th, 2003 at Holy Family, Rockland. She and her classmates had been invited to attend the wedding of their teacher, a beautiful young couple, very conscience of the necessity for Christ’s Grace.

The celebrant at the Liturgy was Fr.__________.

I am unclear whether there was validity in the Eucharist we received. I am also ashamed to report my response to the events.

The Eucharistic prayer and rubrics were altered and embellished with impulsive additions and omissions. I neither heard nor saw an Offertory. The customary Invocation of the Spirit was omitted. He did however ask that the matter be “changed to the real Body and real Blood of Christ”. It is unclear “who” he was “asking”, as the Father’s Name was not mentioned. He stopped the Eucharistic Prayer a half dozen times or so and asked the congregation to “participate” by repeating “Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. He did say “Take this all of your and eat it, This is my Body which shall be given up for you” and said the usual prayer during elevation of the Blood.

It is my understanding that as long as he says those two prayers there is Transubstantiation, regardless of anything else. Is this correct?

I was sitting with a dozen of the children of all faiths. During the kiss of Peace, one of the children asked me why we were all saying “Peace of Christ” and what was going on. As it was a wedding and the Kiss of Peace was extended, there was enough time to give the child, whose name is Paul, a very brief explanation about the Liturgy, Transubstantiation and the Presence of the Eucharist. During my explanation, the children began telling each other what faith they participated in with their families. One child told me he was neither Catholic nor Christian and asked me if he could have the ‘bread’. I told them no, and why. Several children from the other faiths also asked me, and I spoke briefly about Sacraments.

Fr. __________ then walked to the center isle holding up Our Lord under both Species high. It was clear that Fr. ________ knew that the assembly held people of other faiths and denominations as he proceeded to explain to them that “This is Real”. “This is the REAL Body and the REAL Blood of Jesus and I am going to invite everybody now up to have Some”. He then explained the mechanics of where people were going to be standing to give It to them.

He also told the congregation that the diocese had asked that if you have a sniffle or a cold or are not feeling well that you refrain from Communion so that we don’t spread around germs. implying that intention of the Diocese was to ask people to refrain from taking Holy Communion under both Species.

All of the children rose to get into line for Communion. Some of them hesitant because of my prior explanation, Paul, the young child who was neither Catholic nor Christian announced to the others that he was going to “ask his grandmother” and he walked down to where she was seated ten rows behind us. She told them it was okay and they all filed up to receive the Eucharist.

It was clear by the confusion that many people were accepting Holy Communion for the first time. They did not know what to say or what to do.

After my own Reception, I returned to my knees pretty shaken up by my own paralysis. I was troubled and repentant for letting the children be overcome by the priest’s misguidance, remorseful for not protecting Our Lord against sacrilegious Communion. After finishing my prayers and opening my eyes, I looked to find Paul holding the Body of Christ in his hands, he turned around and held it up for his grandmother to see, turned around and put Christ into his pocket. I asked Paul to take the Blessed Sacrament out of his pocket and give It to me and consumed It. I asked each of the children what they did with theirs and they told me they had “eaten it”. One of them, whom had listened carefully to my explanation of Transubstantiation and counsel that they may not participate prior to Fr._______’s misguidance, asked me if he “did a bad thing”. God only knows the scandal and confusion I caused that child in his lifetime, and to Christ, when I told him no, it was all right. My own soul burdened as I may have participated in placing a stumbling block to their curiosity and conversions to Catholicism due to the fact they walked away with the understanding that they may participate in the Holy Sacrifice without such conversion.

I spoke to Fr. ________ after Mass and asked him if he had intended to invite all attendees, regardless of their faith to Holy Communion. He said “absolutely”. I also asked him why he had not clarified that the diocese was not asking people to refrain from the Body of Christ, but from the Most Precious Blood. He told me he was sorry and excused himself from the conversation.

I would appreciate your commentary on whether the Holy Sacrifice was valid and whether I am no longer in a state of Grace due to my own malfeasance.

Has Cardinal Ratzinger yet sent out directives on what kind of disciplinary measures to apply to these situations?

I would appreciate your assurance that my concerns about Fr. _______ will be reported to the proper authorities.

Sincerely in Christ,

Carol McKinley

We all begin with good intent
Love was raw and young
We believed that we could change ourselves
The past could be undone
But we carry on our backs the burden
Time always reveals
The lonely light of morning
The wound that would not heal
It's the bitter taste of losing everything
That I've held so dear.

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